Honest to Goodness Quit Smoking Help

by | Sep 11, 2014 | Healthcare

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Stop wasting your time with smoking cessation programs that don’t work. If you want honest help, come to Commitement2Quit. Though our tailored, one week plans and the guidance of medical doctors, you’ll be free from the habit and addiction in only seven days.

Many studies have shown that your chances of quitting for good are greatly increased if you quit with help. In very few cases, cold turkey might work. Of course, people who can go that route and stick with it aren’t often hardcore smokers, and might never have been addicted in the first place. If you feel truly bound by the physical and psychological aspects of smoking tobacco and nicotine in the form of cigarettes, a guided program is your best bet for long-term success.


Others might look to their friends and family – others who want to quit and are ready to join up with you. The danger here is that one of them might slip up. If these are people with whom you regularly smoke, it’s going to be that much tougher to keep those goals clearly in mind. Trust is another issue here. If you can’t count on your buddies not sneaking a puff here or there, what does that do to your own motivation? Keep it simple, and all about you, with professional help that has a proven track record.


The decision to quit is all about you. Even if your spouse and kids have been begging for years, or you’ve watched your own parents struggle with addiction, it’s obviously not enough to change your mind. The problem is that you perceive rewards from smoking, such as calmed nerves and eased boredom. If you can see the untruth of these rewards, and find other, healthier ways to get them, it becomes much easier to put down the cigarette. Again, this decision is about you and your perceptions of smoking, not what your loved ones or even the experts are telling you.


You’re only one week away from being on the other side of this addiction. Just think of the way your health and social life will change for the better. Our team is ready and waiting to walk you through, and stick around even after that last drag. When you’ve made the decision to take control, reach us online or via phone. It will be our honor to help you quit!

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