Get Help For Pain With A Massage Therapist in Renton WA

by | Aug 21, 2018 | Healthcare

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People in constant pain are not happy people. Constant pain can affect the quality of sleep a person gets and make it hard to concentrate. Enjoying life is not easy when a person experiences pain all the time. But, one does not have to live with constant pain if they seek help from pain specialists such as chiropractors or massage therapists. A Massage Therapist in Renton WA along with a chiropractor can relieve pain and tension so the patient can return to a better, pain-free life.

What Caused The Pain?

The cause of one’s pain will determine the extent that it can be alleviated and the treatments that will help. Pain can be caused by car accidents, sports injuries, disease, a fall, overexertion, or stress. Whiplash will require different treatment than an injury from a fall or overexertion. Pain from arthritis will require another treatment protocol. That is why the first visit to a chiropractic and massage clinic will include a full examination and questions about what is causing the pain. X-rays may also be taken.

Finding the real cause of those headaches or backaches leads to more effective treatment. A car accident causes many different injuries that need special treatments. After the exam and questions are complete, a customized treatment plan will be designed.

Treatment Options

The treatment plan may include a carefully designed combination of treatments such as chiropractic adjustment, a Massage Therapist in Renton WA, heat, ice, and traction or relaxation tables. State of the art equipment is used for the best results. All personnel are highly trained in their specialties. Each patient will be treated in a private room.

People of all ages can be effectively treated including pregnant women and women suffering from fibromyalgia. Anyone suffering from chronic pain can seek treatment to reduce or eliminate pain.

What About Payment?

Patients can pay with cash, check, credit cards, and insurance plans. At the start of the treatment plan, patients can ask about the costs of treatment and make arrangements for a payment plan. The clinic will have a person to take care of all insurance paperwork. If a person has been hurt at work or in a car accident, there are proper forms to fill out for the clinic to submit. For more information, go to the website.

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