Making a small bathroom look bigger


There are many situations, especially in apartments, condos and townhouses where changing the size of rooms is not an option, however there are a number of ways to undertake bathroom renovations in NYC that will make a small bathroom look bigger as well as more functional and easier to navigate. The process begins by making a determination of those specific areas that must be altered or updated and then develop a working budget. Bathroom renovations, even a small bathroom can be quite expensive so make sure your budget equals your desires. A simple change like paint is one inexpensive way of altering a small bathroom whereas a complete renovation which includes the fixtures and flooring is something else again.

One secret when doing small bathroom renovations in NYC is maximizing space, this creates an illusion that there is actually more room than there really is. This illusion can be highlighted by using light-colored walls and floor and open areas around the sink and shower, pale colors give one the illusion of space, making the room appear larger even though it is not. Dark colors are fine but not on the bathroom surfaces, save dark colors for accessories such as towels but for the actual room, stick with light, serene colors.

The actual room lighting can also be used to advantage when renovating a small bathroom and lighting is a good place to invest some of the budget. The room can be made to look larger if the lights are either embedded in the ceiling or mounted over the sink. These locations use no space and add brightness to the room. When you consider the location of the lights do it with a mirror in mind; a mirror is another wonderful way of making the room look even larger and brighter.

Years ago there was a tendency for bathroom fixtures to be quite large, consider replacing the fixtures with modern ones which are considerably smaller. Consider removing the old bathtub and installing in its place a stand-up shower stall or a new tub with a smaller profile. With effective storage there is no need for a large vanity, this can be removed and replaced with a small pedestal sink. Eliminate clutter as much as possible, there is no doubt that rooms which are clutter free and clean look much larger than one’s which are not. When you contact New York Renovations you will be pleasantly surprised at what can be done with a small bathroom.

If you are considering bathroom renovations in NYC, Manhattan or Tribeca then think of New York Renovations. New York Renovations can help you with your project regardless of the size of your bathroom or budget.

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