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Why The Right Company Matters For Printed Circuit Board Design Services

For some types of production and manufacturing requirements on any system, the quality and expertise of the company providing those services have a limited impact on the final product. As long as the part or component meets the standards required, it is a suitable component. Other aspects of a device, system or machine have to be more precisely designed and engineered. A printed circuit board or PCB is a good example of a component that must be designed specifically to work within a system to allow the electronic components of the system to operate correctly and effectively. Today, with everything from electric toothbrushes to cars operating on “smart” systems, the need for specialized printed circuit board design is on the rise. The need for more compact boards with greater capacity is also increasing, and developing these boards is the job of PCB designers and engineers. The IoT The IoT, or the internet of things, drives the need for printed circuit board design in new equipment. The demand is for PCBs with greater abilities in managing increasingly complex equipment and systems. At the same time, the demand for smaller and smaller components means the design has to be precise to avoid board failures and performance problems. Speed, Precision, and Expertise In selecting a company for printed circuit board design, the experience and reputation of the company are critical. These companies understand the requirements of specific industries with regards to PCB design, and they have the background in working within the industry to quickly develop the PCB and to fully test and ensure the board works under the specific performance parameters set by the OEM. These companies also use advanced software to both design and test the PCB. This is essential in speeding up the turnaround time of the design and moving from prototype to production, allowing the final product to get to market as quickly as possible. 3 people like this post. Like...

What Matters More Than Cost With Electronic Contract Manufacturing

Outsourcing aspects of a project is the most cost-effective option for most Original Equipment Manufacturers. This means the OEM doesn’t have to purchase equipment, set up production protocols and hire more staff to complete production. Turning over the specialized parts of production to different specialized contract manufacturing companies is commonplace today as few OEMs complete all parts and components in-house. Choosing the right service provider, particularly when it comes to electronic contract manufacturing needs, needs to go beyond just looking at prices. Quality Assurance is Critical With electronic contract manufacturing, quality control and quality assurance for each part or component produced is essential. The top manufacturing contractors will always be ISO 9001 registered, but many companies also have ISO 13485 (medical devices) certification as well as a number of industry-specific certifications. These additional specific certifications include requirements for aerospace and defense production. As many OEMs will export to other countries, RoHS compliant production lines as well as certifications and compliance with OSHA, REACH, EPA and ITAR may also be important factors to consider. Production Scalability and Responsiveness Most OEMs will start with minimal types of production runs for parts and components to get their products into their key markets. Once demand increases, it will be essential for the electronic contract manufacturing to be able to respond quickly and scale up production to meet the requirements. Unfortunately, some OEMs select an electronic contract manufacturer on price and fail to consider these two other important factors. If the contractor has challenges with quality, delivery or the ability to scale up to meet production demand any cost savings that may have been realized will quickly be eliminated. By taking the time to evaluate the services offered by the electronic contract manufacturing company and comparing costs only after the other essential factors are in place, OEMs can be assured of a production partnership without problems and issues. Be the first to like. Like...

Why It’s Important to Hire a Pro For Electric Repair in Westfield IN

Why It’s Important to Hire a Pro For Electric Repair in Westfield IN So many people today feel that they are qualified to be the ‘do-it-yourself’ type when it comes to repairs around the home. While fixing a toilet that is running or a door that squeaks may be relatively safe, homeowners should leave any type of electric repair in Westfield, IN to qualified professionals. When To Call For an Electrician If customers start to notice that their circuit breakers are tripping too often, or that switches suddenly are not working, that is a good indication they need an electrician to come in and do an evaluation. Other indications that service may be needed include wire insulation that is cut, cracked, or damaged. If there are flashes of light, or sparks coming from anywhere in the electrical system that is a red flag, as well as any power lines outside of the house that has become detached. Find a Company That Will Respond at Any Time Nobody knows when their electrical system may fail or have issues. What customers need is a company they can rely on to respond 24 hours a day. This may include emergency services for buzzing or other odd noises emanating from the system or downed meters or risers. If wires are damaged, a service call for electric repair in Westfield, IN should be arranged for immediately, as that is one of the leading causes of house fires and personal injury claims. Deal With a Full-Service Contractor Besides just repairs, a customer should inquire if the electrician has experience with other facets of electrical work. This may include installing security systems or motion lights, or new construction projects. Ask if they have experience with outdoor lighting or installing generators. Commercial accounts can inquire about computer cabling or code violation repairs. Trust a Local and Experienced Contractor For over 30 years, customers in Indiana have placed their trust in Burtner Electric Inc. A locally owned and family run business, all of their employees are licensed as well as insured. They have deep experience in electrical wiring and electrical service packages. They offer free estimates and not only can perform minor electric repair work but also new lighting projects. Be the first to like. Like...

Comparing Engineering Design Services

In any type of prototype development, the design aspect of the project is always the most critical. With today’s technology, the use of specific design programs allows expert engineers to not only design but to run virtual simulations and tests on the design. These tests allow for modifications of the design to make a better, stronger and even less costly product to manufacture. Finding the right engineering design services is not always easy, particularly for a company with no prior experience in new product development. It can be difficult to know what services are relevant for your particular concept and design needs and which ones are not going to be necessary. To help make the comparisons between different services, focus on the following basic issues before looking at the additional services offered. Niche Areas and Specializations In some areas, such as in the medical, aerospace or military and defense sectors, engineering design services also provide expertise and experience in working within very specific regulations for the development of new parts, components or devices. In many applications, there will then be the need for design validation and documentation to verify all requirements are met. Niche Areas and Specializations Avoid engineering services offering design work without substantial experience in your industry or sector. For example, if you need an electronic component designed, look for a company with electronic design experience, not a company specializing in medical or military and defense. Ability to Work Collaboratively As the design component is critical to the overall process, it is important to look for engineering design services that can work collaboratively with your in-house team. While the engineering team may be providing the technical aspects of the project, it is important they take the time to understand your desired end results and to work with your in-house team. Also, be sure to verify that the service is able to move beyond design to prototype and full production. Many design companies are strictly design focused, leaving you with the added requirement to find a manufacturer. Be the first to like. Like...

Does Your Home Need Emergency Electrical Services in Louisville KY?

Does Your Home Need Emergency Electrical Services in Louisville KY? Electrical repairs are not something a homeowner should attempt on their own. Working with electrical components is dangerous, especially if a person has no knowledge of the proper procedures that need to be used. With this information, homeowners will better understand the signs they need to look for so they will know they need Emergency Electrical Services in Louisville KY. Common signs of Electrical Issues * When sparks begin shooting out of the breaker box, it is imperative the electricity is shut off and an electrician called immediately for Emergency Electrical Services in Louisville KY. This can mean a breaker has gone bad or the connection is not complete. * If circuit breakers in a home keep tripping, this can be a sign of major electrical overloads and should not be ignored. If it happens infrequently, this is nothing to worry about but frequent breaker trips need to be checked. * A burning smell coming from any socket or light switch may require immediate electrician services. The affected light switch or socket should not be used until repairs are carried out. * Lights that begin flickering frequently could mean there is a wiring problem in a home. It is important this is promptly repaired to ensure there is not a danger of fire in the home. Why are Electrical Problems So Dangerous? When electrical issues are occurring, it is imperative a homeowner seeks immediate services from an electrician. Waiting can place a home and its occupants in danger. It only takes a single spark to start a rampant fire. Unfortunately, much of the electrical components are hidden behind walls and insulation. If a homeowner smells a burning smell or sees smoke, they should call the fire department right away as they may have a fire burning within their walls. Homes should always be immediately evacuated if an electrical fire is occurring. If your home is in need of emergency electrical services, contact Bates Electric Inc. They provide 24/7 to ensure their customer’s electric repair needs are met. Call them today and they will be happy to provide you with electrician services you can rely on. Be the first to like. Like...

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