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Add to Your Branding with A Quality Tin Wine Capsule

A quality wine or spirit requires a quality label, bottle, and capsule design. Creating a look of traditional style with the entire look of the bottle is important, which extends from the top of the bottle to the bottom. One overlooked aspect of sophisticated branding...

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Tips For Buying PVC Shrink Capsules

For a great looking, low-cost option to cover the cork and adding to the branding of any wine, PVC shrink capsules make an excellent choice. These capsules are durable, come in a variety of colors, and they can be customized for branding and marketing. When looking...

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Options are Key in Wine Capsules

As a vintner looking for vendors for wine capsules, you have many things to consider. You need a partner that is reliable, and one that makes quality products. However, don't forget the benefit of choosing a vendor that offers plenty of options for your wine capsules,...

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Create Extra Sparkle with Champagne Foil Capsules

Because it is the traditional celebratory drink, champagne is always known for creating a festive mood. The right packaging, however, can make champagne look even more festive for consumers. Champagne foil capsules are a great way to add that extra sparkle to your...

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