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Working with Stainless Steel Fabricators

Working with Stainless Steel Fabricators When you need stainless steel fabricators for your project, you need a team of professionals with ample skill and know-how. You need an organization dedicated to working closely with you to achieve your best results. Take into consideration what the company can do for you. One of the most common needs is customization. You need a fabricator capable of providing exceptional service, one-on-one attention to your needs, and ongoing support. It goes without saying that these fabricators need to work closely with you to achieve your goals. What Can They Accomplish for You? When choosing stainless steel fabricators, there are a few key things to keep in mind. First, you need to ensure the company can handle the task at hand. When speaking with them, ask questions about the actual equipment available. For example, do they use advanced tools and techniques to ensure the work is done well? This may include components such as plasma cutters and computer controlled lasers. You also want to ensure they have the ability to handle difficult tasks, something that robotic welders can handle with ample precision. Consider Customer Service Too In addition to the technology and tools available, you also want an organization capable of providing key services. Can they deliver on time? Can they meet your production goals? More so, with the timelines you need, what type of guarantee can they offer to you? Is a fast turnaround time possible for the production level you need? Do not assume an organization can meet these goals. Make sure of it Stainless steel fabricators can take your idea or need and turn it into a reality. For this to happen, you need to be sure the organization has the tools and resources for the job. And, you need to be sure the company has a long history of working with companies like your...

Zinc Nickel Electroplating: More Than For Automotive Applications

Zinc and nickel are both common metals for use in electroplating. While, on their own, they imbue the substrate surface with desirable characteristics, together, they offer enhanced beneficial qualities. This makes zinc nickel electroplating increasingly popular in certain industrial sectors. In fact, as the demand grows for effective corrosion protection with RoHS compliance, the need for this alloy will also increase. Electroplating Capabilities Zinc nickel plating does offer a variety of beneficial capabilities for applications in difficult environments. Consider the following qualities: * Good throwing power provides a better coating of recessed sections and blind holes * Superior corrosion protection * Excellent heat resistance * Good undercoat treatment making powder or paint coatings more effective * High volume barrel and rack and barrel electroplating capacity * Good cadmium alternative * Cost-effective * RoHS compliant These qualities make zinc nickel electroplating a viable means of providing the right level of protection for many applications. Zinc-Nickel Electroplating Applications A zinc-nickel finish is ideal for many different industries. It is particularly good for those that require steel components in an exterior environment. While zinc-nickel plating is a favorite of the automotive industries, it is increasingly becoming preferred by various other manufacturing concerns including: * Aerospace * Defense * Electrical transmission * Fastener The high corrosion resistance qualities of this alloy combine with its abilities to function effectively in high-temperature environments to increase its employment in the construction of various components. These include: * Anchors * Coaxial cables * Cleat bolts * Firefighting equipment * Fuel tubing * Hydraulic tubing * Railway equipment Zinc-nickel plating is truly an effective tool for finishing products for more than the automotive sector. Zinc Nickel Electroplating With the increasing need to replace cadmium, zinc and nickel electroplating services are on the rise. However, research clearly indicates combining the two metals to produce an alloy increases the qualities many industries require to ensure optimal functionality. As a result, zinc nickel electroplating is becoming an accepted method of providing the products of a variety of industries with the protection they...

Avoiding Common Mistakes When Choosing A Metal Stamping Service

Selecting a provider as a metal stamping service for a new Original Equipment Manufacturer can be a difficult task. There are many different companies offering this service from smaller local shops to large, well-established companies. There are also some common pitfalls new OEMs and startup companies make in choosing a metal stamping and fabrication service. Unfortunately, these mistakes can end up have long-term consequences if the fabricator provides inferior parts and components or fails to honor delivery schedules and special requests. To eliminate these issues, avoiding three common mistakes when choosing a metal stamping service will be important. Selecting A Company Based On Price Alone Surprisingly, the most experienced companies offering metal stamping and fabrication service are often very reasonably priced. They are able to offer a lower cost per unit of production due to their capacity and ability to maintain a steady throughput in their facility. Metal stamping companies offering very low quotes are either inexperienced, or they are operating with older or limited capacity equipment or facilities, which will impact both the quality of the product as well as ability to complete the order on time. Selecting An Unknown Company A metal stamping service with decades of expertise and experience is a known quantity. Working with a company with a proven track record of meeting and exceeding the expectations of customers, meeting all delivery schedules and also working to industry standards is always an important factor. Unknown companies may also provide these quality services, but it is more of a risk or a gamble. When these factors are important to a business, a service with experience and expertise is always the best choice. Within the options for experienced companies, check to verify the company is ISO 9001 certified. This ensures a commitment to quality control and customer service, which translates into quality and cost-savings for the...

Modern Heat Treating Companies Offer Cryogenic Hardening Services

When you think of heat treating companies, you may think about modern steel that’s heated to high temperatures and then quenched with special processes that create a superior product in many ways. Although this is a major part of heat treatment services, some also use cryogenic hardening to enhance the properties of metal. How can exposing metals to low temperatures help? Let’s examine the process more closely to see. What Does Cryogenic Mean? Cryogenics became a popular term in the late 20th Century, as some people tried to look beyond modern science for health cures. By freezing the body (or head) to extremely low temperatures, it may be possible to thaw them out far into the future, when a cure or remedy for a disease has been found. However, extreme cold has many more uses today. Cold Then Hot When heat treating companies use cryogenic hardening, they cool metals to as low as two hundred and thirty-eight degrees below the zero point (Fahrenheit). That is one hundred and fifty below on the Celsius scale. Cooling off the metal must be a slow process. This is often done with gas from liquid nitrogen. It’s very important to cool slowly to eliminate thermal stress. The metal is then kept at a very low temperature (about minus 300F) for about 24 hours. Next, the chilled metal is then heated to around 300F. This is a temperature change of about 600 degrees and reduces brittleness caused by freezing. Benefits Cryogenic hardening produces near perfect grain structures for hardened steel. There are very few imperfections. Corrosion resistance increases and so does durability (wear resistance). Also, an even grain structure reduces the effects of stress on hardened steel. These benefits are retained even through the machining process. When you choose heat treating companies offering cryogenic services, you receive some of the highest quality...

Tips From The Pros On Aluminum Machining

Aluminum is found in virtually all types of products, building components, automobiles, planes, electronics, computers, appliances and in many parts used in the telecommunication and aerospace industry. While aluminum alloys are popular due to their high strength to weight ratios and their natural corrosion resistance, they are not always easy to work with. Companies that offer aluminum machining services use specialized techniques and equipment to provide precision machining on even the most challenging alloys. Temperature Issues One very important consideration in aluminum machining is the temperature control throughout the machining process. When temperatures in the equipment or at the site of the cutting tool become too hot, some aluminum alloys will have changes in the properties of the workpiece, which will create problems in maintaining tolerances. The new types of state-of-the-art vertical and horizontal machining centers that are used by top machining services build in temperature stability, so this is not an issue in the process. CNC Precision It is uncommon for large or small Original Equipment Manufacturers to choose anything other than CNC machining services for aluminum parts and components. The use of computer numerical control allows for the tightest production tolerances as well as the increased speed of production. With the CNC machining, the entire process is automated and continually repeats without variation. Everything from the path of the cutting tools to chip removal is managed through the system. Additionally, with CNC multi-axis machining systems, it is possible to complete even complex designs on the same equipment. This also helps to reduce the cost of production and also ensure even large volume orders can be produced with a short lead time required. Look for companies with extensive experience in aluminum machining. Ask about past projects and if the company has worked with the specific aluminum alloys that are required for your...

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