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Gas Insert Fireplace – Out With the Old and In With the New

Gas Insert Fireplace – Out With the Old and In With the New Is your central heating system costing you an excessive amount of money on a monthly basis which is becoming unaffordable? Or, are simply paying too much despite the fact that you can afford it? There is a solution available to help deal with these costs and reduce them while still enabling you to experience cozy warmth in your living spaces. The answer to this problem is the gas insert fireplace. Regardless of whether you have a current old-style wood-burning fireplace with the chimney in your home, you can have one of these inserts installed and transform the way you enjoy fireplace heat. Old Inefficient Wood Burning Fireplaces The old fireplaces of the past that burned wood had a certain pleasant scent about them that many people enjoyed. They were charming, but yet at the same time required a considerable amount of cleanup from time to time. The efficiency of the old style wood-burning fireplaces was only about 5 to 15 percent. The rest of the heat was lost up through the chimney or into the surrounding material of the chimney. Efficient Gas Fireplace Inserts The old inefficiencies of the past can be left behind with a modern gas insert fireplace. These units operate within an enclosed cast-iron fireproof box with insulated glass at the front of the unit. The heat that is produced within this closed combustion system is preserved by and large within the unit and dispersed into the living space. Often, a blower will bring in heat from the air within the room and bring it back into the unit. Start Your Fire Quickly These fireplace gas inserts are easy to use. You can start the unit by pressing a button or flipping a switch. The units often come with a remote control from which you can control the operation of the fireplace anywhere within the living area. As long as a supply of gas is available, the unit will continue to burn in heat the room. As well there are options available in terms of design and color so that you can choose those elements according to your interior décor. If you are interested in having a gas insert fireplace installed in your home, get in touch with a reliable and experienced modern gas fireplace supplier today for information about your options. 1 person likes this post. Like...

How Gas Fireplace Contractors in Oakdale Keep Homes Cozy

How Gas Fireplace Contractors in Oakdale Keep Homes Cozy According to Minnesota Realtors, homes with fireplaces are always in demand. Modern, elegant gas fireplaces have become especially popular. Homeowners often add fireplaces in order to enjoy their charm and the coziness of a crackling fire. Area residents rely on Gas Fireplace Contractors in Oakdale to provide the best styles for their needs. Professionals like The Fireplace Guys can add decorator inserts to homes under construction or convert wood-burning fireplaces to gas. Professionals Offer a Variety of Elegant Products for New Homes It is becoming common for Minnesota residents to install one or more gas fireplaces while homes are being built. Local Gas Fireplace Contractors in Oakdale offer a huge range of styles that can be adapted to almost any decorating theme or usage needs. They include direct-vent models that do not require chimneys. That means they can be added to any room. Contractors also provide zero-clearance models that require very little space between a fireplace and any nearby combustible materials. Because there are so many style options, consultants often meet customers in their homes and make suggestions based on their wish lists. Technicians may also steer them to inspirational galleries on sites like Thefireplaceguys.com. Technicians Will Convert Wood Fireplaces to Gas It is becoming common for homeowners to hire contractors to convert wood fireplaces to gas styles. Professionals routinely turn unusable older wood fireplaces into elegant designer focal points that are also steady, efficient sources of warmth. At one time, only wood fireplaces provided the authentic look and felt so many homeowners wanted. Today, gas fireplaces have advanced to the point where they mimic wood styles perfectly. However, they need far less care. Wood fireplaces need to be cleaned, which is messy. Their chimneys also require regular inspections and cleaning to prevent fires and to stop smoke from backing up into homes. Gas burns cleanly can be turned on in a second and requires minimal maintenance to stay efficient. Minnesota homeowners keep contractors busy installing gas fireplaces in homes that are under construction. Experts can add fireplaces to virtually any space, even when there are no chimneys. They also convert wood fireplaces to sleek, elegant gas models that add warmth and charm to homes. Follow us on Google+! Be the first to like. Like...

A Black Swan Fireplace Keeps Your Dwelling Cozy and Warm

A Black Swan Fireplace Keeps Your Dwelling Cozy and Warm One of the best ways to stay warm in the wintertime is to install a fireplace. The idea of a warm hearth just makes spending time in your home all the more appealing, especially when the snow is falling and the cold north wind is blowing.http://focuz.ru Consider Safety Along with Comfort A fireplace such as a Black Swan fireplace will not only keep your dwelling toasty warm but it is a nice complement to your décor. However, when you choose any fireplace, you still have to bear in mind the safety factor. Measuring the Cost You also have to look at the size of a Black Swan fireplace, for example, or a similar unit. Since fireplaces are available in a variety of configurations and sizes, you need to select an installation that is appropriate for your home. The size of a fireplace is often associated with its cost so if you consider yourself budget-conscious, you should select a smaller fireplace model. Alternatively, if you want a larger fireplace, you need to understand that it will cost you more. Quality and Design The Black Swan Fireplace or other model you select should be relatively easy to install. Make sure the unit you select is made of the highest quality of materials. If you want to avoid any problems with its use, a fireplace’s quality and design are important considerations. Choose a Fireplace That Reflects Your Personality When selecting a fireplace, you want to choose a style that highly reflects your individual personality and taste. Also, remember that if you want to stay within your budget, more expensive models are not necessarily better from the standpoint of quality. Locating a dependable and reputable fireplace dealer can be a challenge as well. Normally, it requires a good deal of time and effort to find a retailer and make a decision for a fireplace. In order to receive the proper guidance, then contact places online such as trading-post-ct.com. By using this approach, you can greatly simplify the process. You can also connect them on Facebook for more updates. Be the first to like. Like...

Professional Installation Of Gas Fireplace Inserts

Professional Installation Of Gas Fireplace Inserts If you have decided to convert your existing wood burning fire place to a cleaner, more efficient fuel source then a gas fireplace insert is an ideal choice. There are numerous benefits to a gas fireplace installation in Chicago but one thing you must do is have it installed by professionals. Although these inserts are designed to fit nicely in the hearth of your existing fireplace, if they are not installed properly by a pro they can pose a fire threat. There is more to it than simply installing an insert:    * Chimney inspection: There are a couple of reasons why the chimney must be inspected prior to the installation of a gas insert. All gas fuel appliances must meet specific venting specs and, as the new fuel does not lead to the buildup of creosote in the chimney, it is important that it is clean.    * Venting specs are extremely important: If you’re new fireplace installation in Chicago is going to work at maximum efficiency the venting and heating systems must work in harmony. In most installations the chimney flue will be oversize for the new insert; this causes issues with combustion and condensation. During combustion, water vapor is created, when the vent system is sized properly, water vapor is carried away quickly and does not condense inside the flue. If the water vapor does condense eventually it will cause significant damage to the flue which can trap dangerous toxic gases in the home.    * The importance of proper draft: There will be issues with proper draft if the flue size and appliance size are not compatible. If there is not enough draft there will be a reduction in efficiency and incomplete combustion can lead to the production of carbon monoxide. These and other considerations are extremely important when making the conversion from wood to gas in your fire place. For professional gas fireplace installation in Chicago, rely on the best; rely on supply and installation by Northwest Metalcraft. 2 people like this post. Like...

3 Must-Have Security Systems for Commercial Properties

3 Must-Have Security Systems for Commercial Properties Security is fundamentally essential to any business. So you want to make sure your building or commercial property is protected, especially from illegal entry and theft. Fit Small Business says businesses in the United States lose about 60 billion dollars every year to retail theft, with 38 percent attributed to accounts of shoplifting, 35 percent to employee theft and 27 percent to retail theft done by suppliers and contractors. What you can do You can install a variety of commercial security solutions available in Iowa. By installing intrusion alarms, intercom systems or both, you can reduce the risk of theft and crime on your property. Don’t know which one to get? Take a look at some of the security measures you can explore: CCTV or Video Surveillance This helps you keep an eye on particular areas of your property. You can monitor access points to ensure no one else enters the premises without clearance. This system also helps monitor the activities inside the facility so you know if emergencies have broken out in other parts of the building, allowing you to take appropriate action to inform everyone else in the building to begin evacuation procedures right away. Intrusion fire alarms In case someone unlawfully gains entry into your property, this system detects that and sets alarms ringing to warn you there are intruders in the building. This gives employees and security personnel time to resolve the problem and find the source of the intrusion. With these alarms, you can deter criminal elements from entering the property. Intercom systems Intercom systems allow you to address everyone in the company all at once. So if there are any intruders in the building or emergency situations, companies can easily inform their employees what’s happening and whether to evacuate or close down access to each department. With any of these systems in place, you have the security solutions you need to keep your property and business safe. Be the first to like. Like...

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