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Industry Leading Saint Gobain Hoses

Industry Leading Saint Gobain Hoses For companies involved in sanitary processes in the food and beverage industry, there is always a range of different products to consider when developing a new production line or when replacing parts and components on an existing line or system. Choosing to use the industry-leading products offers longer life cycles, increased reliability and parts that are specifically designed for the challenges of real-world applications. A good example of industry-leading technology and design can be found in the line of Saint Gobain hoses. These hoses are used in distilleries, breweries as well as food and beverage production facilities. With decades of expertise in supplying hoses for these types of processes, Saint Gobain has a proven reputation for dependability, even with demanding process parameters. The Advantages There are lower quality options that are less costly, but they do not offer the advantages and benefits of Saint Gobain hoses. As an investment in your business, these hoses offer flexibility and versatility over other types of hoses and pipe options. They can easily be configured to go around features, to turn or even to curl around for easy access. With this level of flexibility, there is a lower requirement for specialized fittings and adaptors, a common problem with piping and other types of inflexible hoses. With fewer adaptors and connections there is less risk of problems developing in the system, including issues with cleaning. Each of the options in Saint Gobain hoses is designed for specific benefits and uses. This includes specialized hoses designed for Clean In Place systems or even specialized applications where hoses and components need to be sterilized or autoclaved. Many other brands and lines of hoses cannot be used in autoclaves as the heat makes the hose brittle or creates a risk of hose cracking or failure. Be the first to like. Like...

Anderson Instrument Distributors: Sources Of Quality Hygienic Instruments

Anderson Instrument Distributors: Sources Of Quality Hygienic Instruments Whether your industry produces products in the food and beverage, pharmaceutical or dairy sectors, it will know about Anderson Instruments. Distributors of their products provide services across North America. They recognize the quality and reliability of the Anderson name in a highly regulated market. The Company, its Products and Markets Anderson Instrument Co. is a component of Anderson-Negele (since 2004). In turn, it is a wholly owned subsidiary of Fortive Corporation Business System (FBS since 2016). Anderson-Negele is a global instrumentation company that both designs and manufactures its own line of sanitary process instrumentation. Distributors can offer a variety of instrumentation including * Gauges * Liquid Level Systems * Recorders/Controllers * Resistance thermometer or resistance temperature detectors (RTDs) aka sensors: These include * Pressure sensors * Level sensors * Conductivity sensors * Turbidity sensors * Temperature sensors * Thermometers * Transmitters The products Anderson produces are for a variety of industries. Specifically, its markets include those in the following manufacturing concerns: * Biopharmaceutical * Brewery * Dairy * Sodas and beverages The company not only produces the products for industrial concerns but also offers them the technology and certification to ensure integration of the devices within a system. For example, EHEDG or 3-A meet today’s hygienic demands and addresses the concerns of both the industrial production team and legal agencies alike. Anderson Instrument distributors know that by recommending the products of this company, they are assuring their customers receive sanitary instruments not only capable of meeting the highly specific demands of regulatory forces, but also the stressful requirements of production applications. Anderson Instrument Distributors Anderson-Negele, part of the Danaher Group provides quality products. Anderson Instrument distributors and their customers appreciate the high quality and reliability of their equipment and other products. With a complete line of instruments for measuring level, pressure and temperature, Anderson-Negele and its distributors continue to maintain their solid reputation for delivering reliable, easy-to-clean and high-performance instrumentation for their customers in the beverage, food and life science industries. Be the first to like. Like...

Boosting Storage Capacity With Walker Stainless Steel Tanks

Boosting Storage Capacity With Walker Stainless Steel Tanks From small production areas to large plants and facilities, when it comes to sanitary processes for the food and beverage industry, Walker stainless steel tanks are often seen as the gold standard. Walker Engineered Products is a highly recognized company offering a wide range of stainless steel equipment for the food, dairy, chemical, pharmaceutical, and beverage production industries. They make processor tanks, mixer tanks, silos, and storage vessels in a range of configurations to meet the needs of their customers. Durability With the choice of Walker stainless steel tanks, durability and quality of production and processing will never be a concern. These tanks, from the smaller tanks and vessels for limited production facilities to the large 80,000 gallon storage vessels are all manufactured with quality in mind. The quality in manufacturing and fabrication combined with the durability, corrosion resistance and strength of stainless steel makes these tanks ideal for any application and industry. The company manufacturers all equipment to ASME as well as CRN standards as well as within PED (Pressure Equipment Directive) which is required for use through the European Commission. All of the tanks sold by the company for sanitary process use are also built to the required 3-A standards. Options to Consider Producers in the dairy, food, and drug, as well as pharmaceutical industries, will find a range of different types of vessels. These options will include the location of the outlets, the configuration of the bottom of the tank as well as specialized agitation systems. These agitation systems, which are custom designed for the specific requirements can include offset turbines, squirrel cages, bottom and/or side sweeps, scraper blades and various combinations. With all of the options in sizes, designs and agitation systems, Walker stainless steel tanks provide the storage needs required for any business. They are also an investment in quality equipment which will last for decades. Be the first to like. Like...

Tips For Working With Stainless Steel Tube Fittings

Tips For Working With Stainless Steel Tube Fittings In sanitary and industrial types of processes and applications, stainless steel is an ideal material. It is highly corrosion resistant, very resistant to fatigue in typical processing applications and it also has a long-life cycle. Corrosion resistance and strength are perhaps the two most important reasons to use stainless steel tubing and fittings. There are some important factors to keep in mind both when ordering parts as well as when working with the fittings. Pipe and Tube Differences company stocks tube fittings and not just pipe fittings. This is an issue in measurement and not in quality or application for the fittings and the pipe or tube. Tube is always measured on the outside diameter. In other words, all stainless steel tube fittings will fit a half inch stainless steel tube since they are both measured from the outside diameter. Stainless steel pipe, as with all types of pipe, is measured by a nominal interior measurement of the pipe diameter. Then, there is also the wall of the pipe, which can be a different schedule (thickness). This means a half inch tube fitting will not fit on a half inch steel pipe. As people can use the terms interchangeably, buying from an industrial and sanitary process company avoids this confusion. Consider the System Design Even with top quality tubing and fittings, joints are always the weakest potential area in any system. Take the time to consider a new system design or reworking an existing design to limit the fittings required. In some cases, older systems may also have unusual or hard to find fittings. These stainless steel fittings can usually be located at specialty sanitary and industrial process supply companies, making even rare fittings easy to locate. Be the first to like. Like...

Sanimatic Means Sanitary Processing

Sanimatic Means Sanitary Processing In industries such as pharmaceuticals and food and beverage, clean processing is imperative to ensure that nothing gets contaminated, whether it’s food and drink or medications. Companies in these industries need to be sure that their processing operations are as clean as they can possibly be. Many turn to the Sanimatic brand to ensure that cleanliness. Learn more about this brand below. Why Sanimatic? This brand is known for providing cleaning systems that are easy to use for anyone in any industry. Regardless of what field a company works in, they can trust the Sanimatic brand to deliver cleanliness to their systems. Sanimatic only focuses on developing the best sanitary cleaning processes possible, which is why they are trusted by many businesses to ensure that their locations are clean. Food and Beverage and Bio-Pharm Systems Many brands from both industries place their trust in this company, as they have much experience developing processes, equipment, and systems that will meet and exceed the industry standards for safety when it comes to cleanliness. Equipment that they have include, tunnel washers, cabinet washers, various clean-in-place (CIP) systems, boosted pressure systems, immersion parts washers, and more. Clean-In-Place (CIP) Cleaning CIP cleaning is a type of process that involves thoroughly cleaning contact surfaces within specific structures. These structures can include equipment, process pipes, and vessels. A very vital and important part of this cleaning is that no disassembly is required to clean these structures. Food and beverage applications that utilize this include blenders, fillers, processing tanks, mixers, and product transfer lines. Clean-Out-Place (COP) Cleaning COP cleaning is a type of process that involves parts that can only be cleaned by being disassembled from the process. There are many process parts of cabinet washers and other types of washers that can only be cleaned through COP, including scale buckets, fittings, hoses, and clamps. Be the first to like. Like...

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