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Bankruptcy Lawyers in Bel Air, MD Can Release You from Debt

Bankruptcy Lawyers in Bel Air, MD Can Release You from Debt Sometimes it is easier to file Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy than it is to try to pay an ever-mounting burden of debt. When you seek help from a bankruptcy lawyer, he or she can explain how each type of filing works. By taking this approach, you can release yourself from the stress of this type of financial dilemma. A Sensible Way to Relieve a Large Burden of Debt That is why it is good to know that you can talk to bankruptcy lawyers in Bel Air, MD about your bankruptcy choices. By contacting a local law firm, you will make it easier to file a petition for bankruptcy and permanently remove or reorganize your debt. Looking at the Solutions When you speak to bankruptcy lawyers, you will discover that Chapter 7 bankruptcy covers liquidation, while Chapter 13 reorganizes certain debts. The type of filing you choose will be based on your income and assets. For example, if you make enough money to pay off a portion of your debts through reorganization, you may want to select the Chapter 13 form of remediation. Alternatively, Chapter 7 is advised if you own little property or have difficulty meeting your basic expenses. Getting Rid of the Burden Bankruptcy lawyers who specialize in Chapter 7 filings can get rid of most of all your unsecured debts. The only exceptions are student loans and taxes. You must pay student loan and tax obligations, even if you find it impossible to take pay your other debts. Where to Obtain Legal Help To learn more about how filing for bankruptcy can benefit you, contact a law firm such as Christman & Fascetta LLC in Bel Air, MD today. The sooner you take this step, the sooner you can wipe your financial slate clean and begin again. Do not waste another moment of time. Make that call now. If you are filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, all you need to provide are property deeds, six months of paystubs, your tax returns, and your financial statements. Visit website http://christmanandfascetta.com/ for more information. Be the first to like. Like...

A Bankruptcy Attorney in Hamilton, OH Can Help You Be Free from Debt

A Bankruptcy Attorney in Hamilton, OH Can Help You Be Free from Debt Debt problems can happen for a variety of reasons. A bankruptcy attorney will never judge an individual for why they are in debt and are unable to pay their bills. Illness, injury, a spouse’s death, divorce and many other life-changing situations can cause a financial burden on any individual. A bankruptcy attorney in Hamilton, OH will only worry about helping an individual gain the financial freedom they need and stop the harassing telephone calls and foreclosure on a client’s home. Bankruptcy has nothing to do with an individual being a failure at finances; it has to do with gaining the financial freedom they need. Is Anyone Allowed to File for Bankruptcy? Depending on the amount of debt and income an individual has, they may or may not be able to file for bankruptcy. There is a calculation the court will use to determine if an individual is eligible. There are also several types of bankruptcy an individual can file, and they should speak with an experienced bankruptcy attorney to determine which one will help them with their situation. Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Chapter 7 can help an individual who has a limited amount of income and a lot of unsecured debt to be free from the overwhelming payments. This type of bankruptcy works well for an individual who has a limited amount of income. Any assets that remain after the exemptions have been taken will be sold by a trustee to pay off the debts and the individual will be financially free. Chapter 13 Bankruptcy When an individual has a regular source, too much debt, and a lot of assets, chapter 13 bankruptcy can help them keep their assets and lower their debt. This type of bankruptcy allows an individual to keep their assets, stop wage garnishments, cancel second mortgages if there’s negative equity, stop IRS collection, and lower car payments on loans that are more than two-and-a-half years old. A three-to-five-year payment program will be established, and at the end of the payments, the balance of the debt will be forgiven. Don’t let mounting debt destroy your life, know more about us and how bankruptcy can help. Be the first to like. Like...

Qualifications of a Bankruptcy Attorney in St. Charles, MO

Qualifications of a Bankruptcy Attorney in St. Charles, MO Whether you are a debtor, creditor, or a trustee in a bankruptcy proceeding, it is important to have a competent and trustworthy attorney represent you before the bankruptcy court. However, all too often, finding a great bankruptcy attorney requires more than knowing an honest lawyer. There are some qualities that are required of an attorney, and a whole list of others that will greatly benefit your cause. Requirements of Local Rules The local rules of each and every bankruptcy court in the United States requires certain qualifications for attorneys to appear before the court. The exact requirements are defined in the local rules and may differ from court to court. Admission to practice in bankruptcy court, in the Eastern District of Missouri does not require passing a specific or separate bar exam. Instead, a bankruptcy attorney must be admitted to practice in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Missouri. This is a strong argument for using a local attorney when seeking a bankruptcy attorney in St. Charles, MO. In certain instances, non-local counsel is allowed to file and appear in a bankruptcy case. In these instances, special paperwork needs to be filed, and it is recommended by the local rules of the bankruptcy court that these attorneys affiliate with local counsel. Hence furthering the argument that the best bankruptcy attorney will be someone familiar with the local court and local rules applicable to St. Charles. Click here if you are seeking a highly competent attorney, specialized in bankruptcy for St. Charles. Prior Experience is Essential A quality that is not required for an attorney to practice on your behalf, but should be essential when hiring a lawyer, is that the attorney specializes in bankruptcy. It is all the better if the lawyer’s prior experience is in the specific type of bankruptcy, namely chapters 7, 11 and 13. Often times it is difficult to discern if bankruptcy is even the right path for an individual or business, and only a bankruptcy attorney with bankruptcy knowledge and experience will know how to properly advise you from the start to the end of the process. Be the first to like. Like...

Hire a Chapter 7 Lawyer in Fall River MA Before a Trustee is Chosen

Hire a Chapter 7 Lawyer in Fall River MA Before a Trustee is Chosen A trustee is a person who has a legal obligation to administer or oversee property in certain cases. During a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, the trustee is one who manages the debtor’s assets while creditors are repaid. Read further to learn more about the trustee’s role in the bankruptcy process. Trustee Selection After a person hires a Chapter 7 Lawyer Fall River MA, an interim trustee will be chosen by the US Trustee’s office. This person will schedule a 341 meeting, where a permanent trustee is elected or the interim trustee takes over. Trustee Election at the 341 Meeting Creditors may choose the new trustee at a 341 meeting, but only the eligible creditors can ask for an election. An eligible creditor is any that holds 20% or more of the amount a debtor owes, and the creditor must hold a liquidated, fixed, undisputed and unsecured claim. To give a particular creditor a say in the process, a claim must be legally recognized, for a set amount, with no payment guarantee from debtor to creditor. If no eligible creditor makes a request, the interim trustee takes over. The Trustee’s Responsibility and Role A trustee’s main purpose is to convert all of a debtor’s non-exempt assets into cash or a payment form to satisfy creditors. Trustees have certain administrative and statutory duties, but they also have certain powers that allow them to do the job. Below is a list of some of the trustee’s powers: * Seizing assets in the bankruptcy estate * Hiring related professionals * Helping debtors operate their businesses * Selling the debtor’s assets * Investigating the debtor’s finances If a Debtor is Unhappy With a Trustee A trustee can be subject to a lawsuit, and a non-US trustee can be removed for reasonable cause after a notice and hearing. If the trustee vacates the position or resigns, the US Trustee’s office will appoint another person to the position. Do Debtors Need a Bankruptcy Attorney? If a person considers bankruptcy, retaining an attorney with the Law Offices of Tara M. George PC is a wise decision. A Chapter 7 Lawyer Fall River MA can help a client get through the complexities and details of a Chapter 7 case, and they can help the client manage the process with a trustee. Be the first to like. Like...

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