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Quality Differences In Carbon Blocks

In the smelting industry, carbon and graphite are used in several different forms. Carbon and graphite are used as both electrodes as well as for blocks. Carbon blocks can be found in use as sidewall blocks as well as used as cathode blocks. Most of the carbon blocks...

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What Are Graphite Electrodes?

If you are in the steel making industry, you may know how important graphite electrodes are. Steel is melted in huge arc furnaces, and the heat comes from an electrode made from a special kind of carbon. What are these things and why are they commonly used as...

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The Process Of Producing Graphite Blocks

Graphite materials are used in many different aspects of aluminum smelting. Graphite is the material of choice for electrodes for the melting of steel in electric arc furnaces (EAF). The same material is also used to produce lining blocks for blast furnaces and EAFs...

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