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A Suggested Checklist for AC Maintenance in Grand Rapids, MI

A Suggested Checklist for AC Maintenance in Grand Rapids, MI Those homeowners who have air conditioning units need to ensure those units are kept in top shape under a maintenance plan. It would be a waste of many dollars to invest a lot of money into something and then have it fail simply because it was not properly maintained. Any expert will tell people they end up spending more money on breakdown repairs than they do in preventative maintenance. A contractor that does AC maintenance in Grand Rapids MI has worked on the units of many customers. Here is a suggested checklist people could check for themselves about their air conditioning units. One of the easiest things for a person to do is to change the air filters (or clean them, if they are permanent). Dirty air filters will make the air conditioner less energy-efficient. Even worse, a dirty air filter can cause the evaporator to ice over. The homeowner can also do a dry run of the air conditioner before the hot season kicks in. By doing that, it may be possible to get an air conditioner contractor quickly if there are any problems. Waiting until the summer heat waves come will put the homeowner on a waiting list. Another thing the person can do for the checklist is to ensure all the access panels are secure. Anything that might be obstructing the unit, such as leaves, newspaper, or other debris should be removed if found. To that end, the person should also check outside to make sure the unit is not being hindered by high grass, weeds, or lawn accessories and equipment. Other things that occur with the air conditioning unit should be checked by a professional. Kroll Furnace Co Inc has been providing HVAC solutions for customers in the Grand Rapids, Michigan, area for over 71 years. The company offers services for furnaces, boilers, air conditioners, HVAC units, humidifiers, and water heaters. Customers can benefit from signing up for a maintenance contract for their units. If any people are looking for an HVAC contractor for their AC Maintenance in Grand Rapids MI, they can visit the contractor’s website at http://www.krollfurnace.com/. Be the first to like. Like...

Four Reasons to Hire a Heating Maintenance Service

Four Reasons to Hire a Heating Maintenance Service When the cold weather arrives, everyone is concerned about keeping their homes warm. If you have children, elders or sick people in your home, it becomes an even bigger concern. Consider four reasons to hire a Heating Maintenance Service to ensure your heater is always working properly. 1. Emergency Heater Repairs Can Be A Financial Burden While sometimes emergencies are inevitable, you can help prevent them by hiring a Heating Maintenance Service. Regular maintenance and repairs can minimize the chance your heating system will break down. If your heater fails to function, it can become a financial burden. Relieve this stress by having a reputable maintenance service check your system regularly. 2. Maintain the Right Temperature All the Time If your home or office is too warm, you could be wasting energy and money. If the premises become cold, it can lead to illnesses for some of the occupants. Having a maintenance service helps you maintain the proper temperature at all times for a more comfortable environment. This can protect the health and safety of the people you live with or work with. 3. Extend the Life of Your Heating System Investing in a heating system can be expensive. If it breaks down and becomes seriously damaged, you may need to replace it. Scheduling regular maintenance appointments can help extend the life of your heating system. You can get more for your money and avoid the expense of having to invest in a new heating system by simply having your current system properly maintained. Additionally, failure to maintain certain systems can lead to a voided warranty. 4. Protect the Environment Lower Your Energy Bills More people are becoming concerned about the environment and want to go green. An added benefit of going green is lowering your energy bills. When your heating system is well-maintained, it will not waste fuel. This protects the environment and helps to lower your monthly utility bills. Contact Bluestar-ac.com today so you can face the cold weather with confidence. Schedule a routine maintenance appointment to keep your heating system in good shape so you stay warm throughout the fall and winter. Tweet us on Twitter! Be the first to like. Like...

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