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What You Should Know About Rebuilt Transmissions

What You Should Know About Rebuilt Transmissions It is important for every driver to understand when their vehicle is exhibiting transmission problems, but it’s easier said than done. Sometimes it’s simple to notice that a problem is present because of odd noises, smells, or noises. Other times it’s more difficult to do so. As soon as you realize you may have an issue, you should speak with a technician. Continuing to drive on a transmission in need of repair can lead to bigger problems later on. Transmission Repairs Transmission repairs can run the gamut from inexpensive and quick to costing more than the entire value of the car. That’s why having a good mechanic in your corner is a must. Knowing what’s wrong and what options you have is the first step to deciding exactly what you want to do about it. Asking Questions After bringing the car in for repair, make sure to ask questions. Find out if your transmission is under warranty. If it is, it can be a much less expensive situation for you personally. If the repair isn’t covered by warranty and is expensive, it’s best to get a second opinion. Sometimes other providers will have very different prices for the exact same work. In some cases, choosing to take advantage of rebuilt transmissions can offset the cost as well. New, Remanufactured, or Rebuilt While choosing the right shop is of great importance, so is choosing the way it is repaired. Many people don’t fully understand the differences when deciding on an option. A new transmission is exactly what it claims to be – new. However, it can be prohibitively expensive and out of the realm of possibility for many. A rebuilt transmission is an already existing transmission that has been removed from the vehicle to be repaired of any damaged components. A remanufactured transmission is largely the same thing except that the rebuilding is done in a factory setting instead of at an auto shop. Warranties Whatever you choose, it’s always important to get a guarantee or a warranty on the transmission repair. This will save you from spending more money if the work doesn’t fix the problem. Most shops will be happy to provide you with a guarantee on their work and the new transmission. At SOS Transmissions in Chicago we do all sorts of repairs and installations of transmissions. We can repair transmissions in cars, trucks, vintage vehicles, and more. Our team is composed of skilled professionals who will...

Signs Your Vehicle May Have Transmission Trouble

Signs Your Vehicle May Have Transmission Trouble For those who aren’t skilled mechanics, it can be difficult to determine if you have a transmission problem. Some problems are rather evident, others are not so much. That’s why knowing the signs of transmission trouble is essential. As such, if you find that your vehicle has any of the following issues, you should visit an auto shop as soon as you can. Is your vehicle leaking fluid? If you find that there are pink, red, or brown puddles under your car, it might be caused by a transmission leak. This usually happens if there is a faulty gasket or seal. Another sign that you may need a transmission repair is when your vehicle has a strange odor. This might smell like something burning. If the transmission doesn’t have a proper amount of fluid to lubricate it, it can lead to overheating and failing. In addition to using your sense of smell to determine an issue, you can also put your hearing to the test. Have you recently noticed strange noises when you shift? This could be a thumping or a clunking sort of sound. This is a symptom of what could be a very serious transmission problem. For those who drive a manual, watch out for a grinding noise, as this can mean the clutch gear isn’t correctly disengaging. The next thing to watch for is the warning lights that might pop up on your instrument cluster. The most important light to watch for is labeled “O/D,” which means overdrive. This indication means that there is some kind of error related to the transmission. Perhaps you have noticed your vehicle now brings along strange sensations while you drive. With a transmission problem, these are often vibrations that did not exist in the past. If this type of sensation is present, especially at certain speeds or at a specific gear, you should visit an auto shop for transmission repair. The final sign of transmission problems is when the car operates abnormally. The most common symptom is a hesitation of the transmission. This means when you push on the gas, there’s a moment of hesitation before the car speeds up. If you are looking for someone to check out your car’s transmission, consider SOS Transmissions in Illinois. You can reach them by phone at 708-344-1760, where a staff member will be happy to answer all of your questions. You can watch their videos on YouTube to know more. Be the...

Things to Look for in a Transmission Repair Shop

Things to Look for in a Transmission Repair Shop A lot of time and effort goes into keeping your car running at peak efficiency for as long as possible. It’s important to make sure you are getting the maintenance and other service your vehicle needs on a regular basis to prevent more serious issues. While this may sound like a relatively simple task, it is anything but. With all of the parts on your vehicle, keeping up with them all can be a full-time job. The transmission on your vehicle is one of the most important components to pay attention to as your car ages. If you suspect your transmission is starting to malfunction, seek out professional help. Here are a few things to consider as you search for a reliable transmission store. Do They Have Vehicle Specific Experience? First and foremost, ask if the transmission store you are considering has experience repairing your particular make and model. Ideally, you want to choose a shop that has a great deal of vehicle specific experience. By choosing a professional who knows your car inside and out, you can rest assured you will get the comprehensive repairs you need. It can be helpful to check out a few shops so you can find out what each one offers. Once you are armed with the information you need, you can make a better informed decision. Get Estimates If you are like most car owners, it’s important to get the repairs you need done at the most reasonable price. The only way to figure out which of the transmission stores in your area has the best price is by getting a few estimates. As part of the estimate process, find out what is wrong with your transmission, as well as how long it will take to resolve the issue. It may take some time to perform this research, but it will be well worth it when you make the right choice. At SOS Transmission, you can get the repairs you need for an affordable price. Visit their website or call them at 708-344-1760 to find out more about the services they can provide. You can watch their videos on YouTube to know more. Be the first to like. Like...

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