4 Reasons Why Ozone Pool Systems Are Gaining Popularity


Recently, ozone pool systems have become a trendy method of pool sanitization. They kill the bacteria and viruses in water that might otherwise make you sick. They also work as an oxidizing agent, binding to organic matter in the pool and allowing it to be removed by the filtration system easily. Here are four big reasons how they outperform other methods and why they’re becoming more popular.

1. Health

Chlorine and other chemicals are damaging to numerous parts of your body. Hair and skin become dry and show signs of early-aging. Eyes are left red and feeling itchy. Lungs and mucus membranes become irritated, which results in allergy issues, sore throats, asthma and other breathing troubles. Swimming in chlorinated water has also been linked to DNA damage and cancer. Ozone delivers all sanitization without any of the harmful health side-effects of chlorine. Moreover, it does so without creating harmful gasses that can be inhaled, nor any dangerous byproducts.

2. Environmental

Chlorine and saltwater systems have also been proven to be bad for the environment. Chemicals and excess salt leach into soil, leaving either unhealthy for vegetation or totally infertile. When ozone breaks down, it simply becomes pure and breathable oxygen. It’s also safer for equipment and doesn’t cause it to rust or corrode as other methods do.

3. Ease of Use

Present systems that utilize UV light to create ozone have become incredibly simple to use. There’s no time wasted measuring toxic chemicals or waiting for water to return to safe levels before swimming. Although the lamp occasionally needs replacement, it’s a quick process and your system is up and running again right away. Because of how it works, the water remains safe to swim in the whole time.

4. Efficiency

It works in two ways to clean the water. First, it sanitizes, killing bacteria and viruses. Then, it also binds to organic material like sweat, urine or algae, and allows the filter to catch it more easily. Additionally, chlorine can be slow to work on some harmful bacteria. Ozone reacts 3,000 times faster. It’s also 55 times more powerful. These things combined make it the strongest disinfectant and oxidizer we know of.

Ozone pool systems are one of the best choices on the market for maintaining crystal-clear water. When used alongside an ionizer, the results are unprecedented. They deliver healthy water, without the damaging side-effects that other systems have. They’re also eco-friendly, so you can feel confident that you’re looking after local plants and wildlife. Best of all, they’re very easy to use and require minimal upkeep. They do all this and perform with optimum efficiency, which means you can get back to enjoying the water much quicker.

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