Easing the Pain with Chiropractors in Renton WA


Many people suffer from pain that seems to last forever. Whether an injury, illness, or repetitive usage caused the pain, it is often a lingering problem many people face. Unfortunately, many doctors may prescribe pain medications to ease this pain. Unfortunately, these can have bothersome side effects and can pose risks of addiction. Fortunately, Chiropractors in Renton WA provide options to help ease this pain without the medications.

Initial visit

If pain is chronic and limiting one’s ability to live their lives, visiting a chiropractor may provide relief. On the first visit, any medical records about the injury will be collected. Next, a comprehensive neurological and orthopedic exam will be done to determine the cause and extent of the pain. Any X-rays or other tests will be performed at this time to get a complete look at the patient’s pain and health history.

Follow-up visit

By the next visit of to the chiropractor, all tests and information will be reviewed with the patient. The underlying cause of the pain or issue will also be discussed at this time. A custom wellness plan will then be established for the patient to determine the best form of treatment and options available. These treatments may include the application of heat or ice to the effected area to ease inflammation. Exercises, massage, or manipulation may also be part of the care plan depending on the particular patient.

Subsequent visits

Each visit after the first two will include treatments determined specifically for the patient. Often, this can include manipulating the bones and joints around the injured area to better align the body to ease damage and promote healing. Their may also be massages during these visits to help ease painful muscles and increase blood flow to aid in healing. With each visit, the patient will be assessed and adjustments will be made to their care plan as needed.

Chiropractors in Renton WA have been very successful in helping people minimize their pain and fully recover from a variety of injuries. Their services are patient focused to ensure only the best treatments for the individual are used. Many patients often find relief from pain and often lessen or eliminate their need for harmful pain medications. This helps patients get back to living their normal life.

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