DiamonDyze™ for Excellent Industrial Anodizing


There are only a small number of DiamonDyze™ license applicators in the U.S. The nano-ceramic technology referred to as DiamonDyze™ is incorporated into anodizing processes that produce a high quality surface finish. This product increases the corrosion and wear resistance of the anodized surface above that which many standard anodizing applications can produce.

DiamonDyze™ represents an innovation in advanced colored and nano-ceramic anodizing. It’s important to have a provider that has the licensing rights to apply this treatment. The product can be used to benefit components with certain advantageous characteristics.

What Are the Benefits?

There are two specific characteristics that DiamonDyze™ can apply to a substrate surface. Personnel who are applying this formulation are able to infuse particular protective qualities and add color without any additional steps required.

As such, the entire process of application can go much more efficiently and faster. The use of this process is beneficial to the metal finishing company and the customer. The process offers many benefits, including:

• Produces good thermal resistance
• Delivers more corrosion resistance
• Creates a smoother surface with a smaller number of pores
• Any standard color is available – this includes shades from blending existing colors
• Offers good chemical resistance
• Uses less toxic material and less energy
• Increases the ability to indoor wear and tear

DiamonDyze™ and Aluminum Parts
Aluminum is the most popular metal that benefits from this process.

For aluminum components (such as 6061 and 2024) that you need to anodize, DiamonDyze™ can be applied. These components can include:

• Pistons
• Cylinder sleeves
• Shock absorbers
• Cylinder heads
• Turbo intake housings
• Rocker arms
• Intake manifolds

Various industries can benefit from the application of this product, including marine, automotive, and hardware.

DiamonDyze™ – Superior Anodizing

The benefits of using DiamonDyze™ as opposed to standard anodizing has been shown from research. This is single step dying and anodizing process that can produce a superior component. This product can be utilized for Type II and Type III anodizing to produce excellent color and corrosion resistant results.

Be sure to contact a reliable and experienced metal coatings services company to ensure you receive the high quality coating results you need for your applications.

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