What Kind of Vehicle Repairs Require Welding?


Welding, as a form of vehicle repair, has been around for several decades. While it takes years to master, it’s a vital ability for anyone who’s serious about automotive repair. But for the uninitiated, it may seem confusing as to what welding is specifically used for. In some ways it appears to be a fix-all, in others it seems almost impractical. If you are interested in welding in Danville IL, and want to know what vehicle repairs require welding, read on for the answer.

#1. Vehicle frame damage

This is the type of damage you see in a car wreck. While the real damage might be inside the car itself, the frame is meant to take the brunt of the impact, so the vital areas are unharmed. But it always pays to have the frame in top shape. Since you’re dealing with bent, warped, or straight up broken metal, welding is a big part of getting the car repaired. Typically, it takes something like a stick welder to really get through that thick, warped metal.

#2. Fender damage

Like the frame, fenders are designed to transfer the brunt of frontal impacts away from the engine, but a bad enough fender bender can cause other types of serious damage. As such, you should take your car in to be repaired ASAP. While some fender benders are little more than dents that can be beaten out, others require a welder to soften the metal or to refuse broken areas.

#3. Damaged wheels

A bad enough pothole can crack or even break the wheels on your car. This can then pop your tires, stranding you on the side of the road. Luckily, wheels are mostly made from aluminum, and if the crack is located on the back of the wheel, a particularly dexterous welder can have it all fixed in under an hour and send you on your way.

Any vehicle technician who doesn’t take a few years to learn how to properly weld is going to have a lot of avenues in their career locked off to them. Welding is a vital part of automotive repair, so if you’re truly serious about the craft, welding is a must. And if your car has suffered one or more of the above damages, a trip to your local auto shop is in order. Welding is one of the most respected tools in a repairman’s toolkit, and must be respected by the customer as well.

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