Avoiding Common Mistakes When Choosing A Metal Stamping Service


Selecting a provider as a metal stamping service for a new Original Equipment Manufacturer can be a difficult task. There are many different companies offering this service from smaller local shops to large, well-established companies.

There are also some common pitfalls new OEMs and startup companies make in choosing a metal stamping and fabrication service. Unfortunately, these mistakes can end up have long-term consequences if the fabricator provides inferior parts and components or fails to honor delivery schedules and special requests.

To eliminate these issues, avoiding three common mistakes when choosing a metal stamping service will be important.

Selecting A Company Based On Price Alone

Surprisingly, the most experienced companies offering metal stamping and fabrication service are often very reasonably priced. They are able to offer a lower cost per unit of production due to their capacity and ability to maintain a steady throughput in their facility.

Metal stamping companies offering very low quotes are either inexperienced, or they are operating with older or limited capacity equipment or facilities, which will impact both the quality of the product as well as ability to complete the order on time.

Selecting An Unknown Company

A metal stamping service with decades of expertise and experience is a known quantity. Working with a company with a proven track record of meeting and exceeding the expectations of customers, meeting all delivery schedules and also working to industry standards is always an important factor.
Unknown companies may also provide these quality services, but it is more of a risk or a gamble. When these factors are important to a business, a service with experience and expertise is always the best choice.

Within the options for experienced companies, check to verify the company is ISO 9001 certified. This ensures a commitment to quality control and customer service, which translates into quality and cost-savings for the customer.

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