The Benefits of Staying in an Apartment Instead of a Hotel


For business travelers, the allure can soon wear off after long flights and uninspiring stays at small and drab hotels. The romance of travel can soon become a grind, as routine as staying in your office every day. Corporate apartments in Nairobi can take a lot of the sting out of business travel. Here are a few of the benefits of staying in an apartment instead of a hotel.

No Moving Around

Once you check into an extended stay apartment complex, you won’t have to move again until the trip is over. Switching hotels can be a burden, and it can eat up a lot of your productive time. Repacking and make sure you have the phone charger, all of your socks and your toothbrush is a waste of time. There is a lot to be said for staying in one place.

A Nice Kitchen

Most hotel rooms are not going to have a kitchen, so you will have to go out and eat every day. Corporate apartments in Nairobi come with complete kitchens, giving you the option of eating out or in. While eating at restaurants certainly has its appeal, there are times when you would rather prepare a healthy meal at your place. A modern stove and refrigerator and all the plates and utensils necessary allow you to do this.

Extra Space

A luxury apartment is going to provide you with more space. You can choose from one-bedroom, two-bedroom or one-bedroom with office accommodations. This allows you the option of relaxing in your bedroom or having a cup of coffee in the spacious dining or living area. The extra office space gives you the opportunity to make phone calls or work on your computer in a relaxing setting.

Corporate apartments in Nairobi offer many benefits for the business traveler. You can stay in luxury and enjoy your stay in Kenya.

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