Zinc Nickel Electroplating: More Than For Automotive Applications


Zinc and nickel are both common metals for use in electroplating. While, on their own, they imbue the substrate surface with desirable characteristics, together, they offer enhanced beneficial qualities. This makes zinc nickel electroplating increasingly popular in certain industrial sectors. In fact, as the demand grows for effective corrosion protection with RoHS compliance, the need for this alloy will also increase.

Electroplating Capabilities

Zinc nickel plating does offer a variety of beneficial capabilities for applications in difficult environments. Consider the following qualities:

* Good throwing power provides a better coating of recessed sections and blind holes

* Superior corrosion protection

* Excellent heat resistance

* Good undercoat treatment making powder or paint coatings more effective

* High volume barrel and rack and barrel electroplating capacity

* Good cadmium alternative

* Cost-effective

* RoHS compliant

These qualities make zinc nickel electroplating a viable means of providing the right level of protection for many applications.

Zinc-Nickel Electroplating Applications

A zinc-nickel finish is ideal for many different industries. It is particularly good for those that require steel components in an exterior environment. While zinc-nickel plating is a favorite of the automotive industries, it is increasingly becoming preferred by various other manufacturing concerns including:

* Aerospace

* Defense

* Electrical transmission

* Fastener

The high corrosion resistance qualities of this alloy combine with its abilities to function effectively in high-temperature environments to increase its employment in the construction of various components. These include:

* Anchors

* Coaxial cables

* Cleat bolts

* Firefighting equipment

* Fuel tubing

* Hydraulic tubing

* Railway equipment

Zinc-nickel plating is truly an effective tool for finishing products for more than the automotive sector.

Zinc Nickel Electroplating

With the increasing need to replace cadmium, zinc and nickel electroplating services are on the rise. However, research clearly indicates combining the two metals to produce an alloy increases the qualities many industries require to ensure optimal functionality. As a result, zinc nickel electroplating is becoming an accepted method of providing the products of a variety of industries with the protection they demand.

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