Treating A Scratch Is A Basic Wood Flooring Repair In NYC

Treating A Scratch Is A Basic Wood Flooring Repair In NYC

Scratches can appear on the surface of a hardwood floor if furniture is pushed along the flooring or if a heavy item with a rough surface comes into contact with the wooden planks. If scratches are narrow in length and a scratch isn’t deep, the following Wood Flooring Repair in NYC can be completed to restore the beauty of a living room floor.

  • Materials
  • furniture disks
  • power sander
  • fine grit sandpaper
  • broom
  • vacuum cleaner
  • wood stain
  • wood varnish
  • mixing stick
  • foam brush

Move Furnishings And Sand The Damaged Wood

Furniture disks are small, cushioned materials that can be secured to the legs of a chair or couch. The disks will prevent furniture pieces from causing additional damage to the floor. After disks are secured, furnishings that are near the damaged wood should be moved to the other side of the room.

After a piece of fine grit sandpaper is secured to a power sander, a sander should be moved back and forth over the scratched wood. Once the scratch is no longer visible and the wood feels smooth, a broom or vacuum cleaner can be used to collect wood particles from the floor’s surface.

Apply Stain And Varnish

Wood stain can be matched to the original color of the flooring. If a homeowner is unsure of the specific stain shade, they can take a picture of their flooring and bring it with them to a store that sells hardwood flooring materials. Stain needs to be mixed so that air bubbles are removed from the product.

A foam brush needs to be coated with the stain and the brush should be moved in the same direction as the grain of the wood. A thin, even coat of the stain should be applied. After the stain has dried, another coat can be applied if the wood isn’t sufficiently covered with the product.

After the stain has dried, a clean foam brush should be used to apply one or two coats of clear varnish over the stain. After the varnish has dried, furnishings can be moved back to their original spots. For additional help with a Wood Flooring Repair in NYC, contact New York Wood Flooring or a similar business. Follow us on Twitter.

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