Why Flooring Preparation can’t Afford to be Overlooked when Installing New Flooring Materials

Why Flooring Preparation can’t Afford to be Overlooked when Installing New Flooring Materials

There are many steps that have to be taken when a homeowner is installing new flooring inside of their home. One important step is making sure that the floor is properly prepared. This may not be that big of a deal when a new home is having its flooring installed, but for an existing home, floor preparation can be essential.

Some types of flooring may require more preparation than others. However, having the floor properly prepared before installing new flooring material can be the difference between having a floor that will last for many years or one that will have to be replaced prematurely.

Carpet and Tile

When it comes to carpeting, floor preparation is rather simple. The installers will simply need to make sure that the floor is clean and that there are no potential moisture issues. Outside of that, setting down tacking strips along the baseboards, as a way for the carpet to be secured to the floor, is all that is needed. Tile flooring is rather straightforward as well, only requiring a clean and even surface.

The Importance of Hardwood Flooring Preparation

Perhaps one of the most challenging issues is installing hardwood flooring. Whether it’s solid wood, engineered wood or perhaps laminate, special care is going to be taken when it comes to Flooring Preparation. It’s necessary to ensure that the materials are properly installed and that there are no mitigating factors that can reduce the lifespan of this flooring material.

The Process

First of all, the floor will need to be clean quite extensively. In addition to this, if there are any potential moisture issues, especially those that can come when the temperature drops and causes condensation, putting a moisture barrier on the subfloor may be necessary. This is quite common when wood flooring is being laid on a concrete subfloor. Once the moisture barrier has been installed, then the actual wood flooring can be put down.

Preparing the floor for different types of flooring material is important to make sure the surface is smooth, there are no dips and to make sure that the flooring material isn’t compromised by potential moisture issues. Fortunately, professional installation services that are found in a website like Aestheticflooring.com will go through the many steps necessary to make sure that the floor is properly prepared so that the installation of the new materials can go smoothly. You can pay a visit to Facebook page for more information.

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