5 Ways to Find a Dog Grooming Salon for Your Pooch

5 Ways to Find a Dog Grooming Salon for Your Pooch

Choosing a dog groomer includes more than just bringing your pet to the first one you see. Here are a few tips to help you pick one out.

Ask around

Reach out to your neighbors and friends in the community, the PetMD says. Ask them about their pets and where they bring their dogs or cats for grooming. A lot of owners will only be too happy to talk about their pets, providing you with the leads and referrals you need.

Check the site

Find out as much as you can about the salon. What kind of services do they offer? How long has the business been around? That’s something to keep in mind when you look for a dog grooming salon in Great Falls MT.

Call the salon

Call and find out if they have any experience with a Belgian Malinois, Husky or poodle, depending on what your dog’s breed is. Can they handle large dogs? What are their credentials? The last thing you want is to have amateur groomers anywhere near your pet.

Pay a visit

Take a personal tour of the salon before you make a commitment to a dog grooming salon in Great Falls MT. Is it organized and well-operated? If it’s chaotic, hectic and noisy, that may not be the best choice for your pet, especially if the groomers are distracted and overwhelmed. If they aren’t paying attention to the task, they could end up hurting your pet.

Observe the staff

How does the staff treat your dog? Are they gentle and knowledgeable? How does the staff treat you? Do they answer questions or do you feel like they’re in a rush? Ask questions on how the nails or fur should be groomed. If the groomer doesn’t seem to have any idea about how to do it right, leave and look elsewhere.

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