Most Popular Spa Services In Fairfax County VA

Most Popular Spa Services In Fairfax County VA

For most people, a trip to the spa is a luxury. For one day, they can be pampered and taken care of. If a person has purchased their first spa day or if they have received their first spa day like a birthday or a holiday gift, they should understand the most popular Spa Services in Fairfax County VA so that they know what to ask for on the day of their visit.

Relaxation Massages

If the individual is feeling stressed, they should look into the massage services offered by the spa. There are plenty of types of massage available and each can help the individual to relax. A few common types of massage include Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, aromatherapy massage, and even hot stone massage. Each of these types of massage will have the individual feeling like a new person when they leave the spa.

Facial Treatments

Facials are very common spa treatments. Facials include cleansing the skin, exfoliating, extracting, massaging, and masking. The products used in the facials vary. If the individual wants an active treatment, they can go with a Hydropeptide facial. If they are more into natural products, spas carry these products as well.

Body Treatments

Body treatments are an underrated service at spas because many people think that they can perform these treatments at home. While it is possible for a person to give themselves a body treatment, it is much easier and more effective when it is done as a spa. Spas offer a variety of exfoliating products that the individual can choose from such as salt scrub for a rougher exfoliation or a sugar scrub for a more gentle exfoliation. Many spas use other exfoliates such as fruit enzymes and coffee grounds. After the exfoliation process, they would be showered with an application of lotion to sooth the skin. During the final step of the body treatment, they would relax on a table covered in mud, cream, or seaweed. It is a great way to relax and after the treatment, the individual will feel amazing and their skin will have a healthy, natural glow.

The best way for a person to get the most out of the visit to the spa is to know all about the most popular Spa Services in Fairfax County VA. For more information on spa services or to schedule an appointment contact the Tamjidi Skin Institute. Follow us on Twitter.

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