Tips From The Pros On Aluminum Machining

by | Feb 13, 2018 | Metals

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Aluminum is found in virtually all types of products, building components, automobiles, planes, electronics, computers, appliances and in many parts used in the telecommunication and aerospace industry.

While aluminum alloys are popular due to their high strength to weight ratios and their natural corrosion resistance, they are not always easy to work with. Companies that offer aluminum machining services use specialized techniques and equipment to provide precision machining on even the most challenging alloys.

Temperature Issues

One very important consideration in aluminum machining is the temperature control throughout the machining process. When temperatures in the equipment or at the site of the cutting tool become too hot, some aluminum alloys will have changes in the properties of the workpiece, which will create problems in maintaining tolerances.

The new types of state-of-the-art vertical and horizontal machining centers that are used by top machining services build in temperature stability, so this is not an issue in the process.

CNC Precision

It is uncommon for large or small Original Equipment Manufacturers to choose anything other than CNC machining services for aluminum parts and components. The use of computer numerical control allows for the tightest production tolerances as well as the increased speed of production.

With the CNC machining, the entire process is automated and continually repeats without variation. Everything from the path of the cutting tools to chip removal is managed through the system.

Additionally, with CNC multi-axis machining systems, it is possible to complete even complex designs on the same equipment. This also helps to reduce the cost of production and also ensure even large volume orders can be produced with a short lead time required.

Look for companies with extensive experience in aluminum machining. Ask about past projects and if the company has worked with the specific aluminum alloys that are required for your order.

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