Understanding the Importance of Striping in Meridianville, AL


When people are driving on the highway or pulling into a parking lot, it never occurs to them to be aware of the markings around them, guiding them. If the truth is told, if not for the contractors who provided pavement striping on the highways and parking lots, people would have a hard time driving on the road and parking in the parking lots. A contractor that provides Striping in Meridianville AL knows the value of the striping to prevent accidents and direct automobiles and trucks. Here are some things to know about the striping industry.

Parking Lot Striping

When people pull into a parking lot and see the designated spaces for the handicapped or other signs directing them concerning parking, they should be aware a striping contractor has provided that service. Businesses call upon these contractors all the time to ensure their customers or employees have adequate parking spaces that are clearly marked. When the paint fades in these parking spaces, potential accidents may occur or people may park in an area designated for the handicapped inadvertently.

Highway Striping

The same thing applies to highway striping contractors when the wear and tear of constant traffic fade the lines that divide the lanes or direct the traffic towards an off-ramp. If these dividing lines or traffic arrows are not clearly marked, people may get off at the wrong exit or move into another driver’s lane and have an accident. As soon as it becomes apparent that the lines or directions on the roads are fading, it is time to call a striping contractor to replace the faded markings. There are several contractors that can be found on websites.

A Striping Contractor in Alabama

S & S Traffic has been meeting the residential and commercial striping needs of customers in the Meridianville, Alabama area for 20 years. In addition to striping, the contractor also offers crack filling, seal coating, patching, and resurfacing of roads, driveways, parking lots and more. If there is a need for any type of pavement Striping in Meridianville AL, the contractor is available.

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