The Nature of Insight

by | Sep 2, 2014 | Healthcare

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In education, therapy, work and recreation…… all the many ways that lives are led, what brings the spark and light to life is the experience of insight. Insight can be defined as the ability to perceive the true or hidden nature of things. The experience of insight is known directly and intuitively. How is it then that we cultivate Insight ?

We can’t make insights happen anymore than we can make our hot tea cooler by snapping our fingers, and there is something about the lived experience of life that words can never convey. Behind or beyond language is where insights reside.

Insights are direct intuitions that echo through every fiber of ones being, they call us to our very best and humble us at the feet of the living altar, they are worth remembering, sharing and writing about. This is the feeling of place that makes the sense of home wherever we are. The human story is one of labor and love and moments where it all makes sense. What is happening may seem at times all too fleeting and yet in the “Ah, ha” of insight the moment is actually just right.. We are meaning making creatures and yet even more we are the meaning that is ever creative and awe inspiring. Is not this unfolding insight our true sacred song or poem?

Paul is learning that T.S. Eliot was right when he wrote “a condition of complete simplicity (costing not less than everything)” is what’s left when everything else falls away. Paul helps provide a gentle, inspirational, and humorous atmosphere for growth and discovery. Please join us as we explore this theme together.

Paul Linn MA, LMHC, LMT is a psychotherapist and teacher in private practice in Gainesville, Florida. Involvement in teaching and therapy as art form has been his passion for the last 30 years. He is the co-founder of the Gainesville Vipassana Society, a meditative collective that offers silent retreats and teachings revealing awakened living in the context of ordinary moments, and has been traveling to Arizona to teach at ASIS since 1996.

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