What is roof mastic?

by | Sep 1, 2014 | Roofing

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Roofing suppliers in Reading carry a wide range of materials that are used for the construction and repair of a roof on either a residential or a commercial property. One of the commonly used materials that is used to seal a roof against the ingress of water is mastic. Roof mastic is a sticky material which, when dry remains flexible with a feel of rubber. Mastic is used extensively when roofs are being repaired or replaced by professionals.


Roof mastic is used where water might find its way through the roof, this could be along the edge of the roof or wherever there is something coming through the roof such as a vent pipe. It is also used along the edges of the flashing and at the corners and seams of the roof materials. Mastic which is used for these purposes usually comes in a drum or a bucket and is applied with a putty knife or other suitable spreader. This type of mastic can also be purchased in a tube which allows it to be applied with the use of a caulking gun. When the roof is being inspected periodically, the roofer must pay particular attention to all the areas where mastic has been used as over time it can begin to pull away from the roof surface, crack or flake off.


Roofing suppliers in Reading also have a type of mastic often called a “roof sealant.” This material is designed to cover the entire roof surface and is often applied in several coats. The objective is to waterproof the roof which can easily extend the life. This roof sealant is applied by rolling, brush or even spray. When the operation has been completed the roof will have a complete waterproof membrane which is resistant to water penetration, it also protects the roof structure. Roof mastic cannot repair a roof which has been severely damaged but a roof which has been in service for a number of year’s starts to show signs of leaking, mastic can add a few years to the life of the roof.


Regardless of what mastic is used, it is flexible. As the temperature varies the mastic can expand and contract as necessary without failing. As long as the mastic retains its flexibility then it will remain watertight. Mastic can be tinted so that it matches with the existing external décor of the home, white mastic is ideal as it reflects heat which in turn can cut down on the energy needed to cool the house during the warm summer months.


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