Searching for Professional Doctors in Maui? Consider an Emergency Clinic


Residents of Maui, Hawaii, like many other Americans, often visit urgent care clinics as alternatives to hospital emergency rooms. The trend is popular because convenient emergency facilities are typically closer than hospitals, geared for fast service, and well equipped. Facilities like Wailea Medical Center & Urgent Care accept insurance and handle dozens of minor medical emergencies as well as routine care.

Clinics Are Staffed for Efficiency

Patients who need Professional Doctors in Maui often choose local emergency clinics in order to avoid long wait times. Unlike hospital emergency rooms, which are really designed for life-threatening urgent care, clinics are created to be efficient. Even their locations are patient friendly since they are built in neighborhoods. Most centers are open 7 days a week and offer extended hours. Staff members efficiently check patients in. Teams of doctors and techs examine patients, run lab tests and provide care. Clinics charge less than emergency rooms and accept many kinds of insurance.

Urgent Care Centers Are Well Equipped

Emergency centers are fully equipped to handle a wide variety of treatments on site. They have x-ray equipment and labs. Patients can get same day results, even for venous punctures. Professional Doctors in Maui clinics prescribe needed drugs and have them in their own pharmacies. Each year thousands of visitors to the Aloha State depend on these one-stop clinics to provide prescription refills.

Emergency Centers Offer Routine Care

Many facilities are so patient friendly that residents use them for routine care. Even those who have family doctors visit the centers when their docs are on vacation or otherwise unavailable. Clinics provide work, school, and routine physical exams as well as immunizations. In Hawaii many urgent care centers are qualified to provide PADI exams for divers. Doctors treat coughs, colds, and the flu. They offer fast help for allergies, insect stings, animal bites and minor cuts. Some centers also provide hormone treatments, including therapy for menopause, low testosterone, and PMS. They can offer medication for sleep problems, anxiety, and high blood pressure.

Convenient urgent care centers are springing up in Hawaii and area residents are taking full advantage. The clinics are well equipped to handle emergencies as well as routine care. They take many kinds of insurance, offer extended hours and are conveniently located.

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