Hiring A BP Oil Spill Lawyer


While it has taken over six years to finally make it through the legal system, in 2015 the Deepwater Horizon oils spill claim was finally approved by the federal court.  While the final settlement was an estimated $20 billion, there is no firm cap on the settlement based on the economic loss to the businesses along the Florida coast.

However, many businesses not directly on the coast experienced a loss of revenue and earnings because of the spill, which they were able to file a claim as well. Many of those businesses received an Eligibility Notice that was far less than the claim, which is when a BP oil spill lawyer becomes essential.

Many fishermen in Florida were not paid fairly, and that the ability to earn money since the spill continues to be at levels far below their income before the spill. Additionally, cleanup workers completing essential services along the coast have experienced health issues related to their exposure to the spill, and these cases will be ongoing.

The Claims Appeal Process

The claims appeal process is complex and very challenging for anyone outside of a qualified BP oil spill lawyer. It is also important to realize that BP is also appealing the Notices of Eligibility with their teams of attorneys, actively working to deny paying the amount offered on the Eligibility Notice.

To appeal your case, you will need to present your claim to appeal judges. These judges will make the final ruling on your claim and settlement amount, so having a BP oil spill lawyer represent you at the hearings will be critical to getting what is fair, given the losses your business has experienced.

This entire claims process is also time sensitive, which means that should you fail to file the necessary documents, or have errors or omissions, the window to go through the appeals process may close.

Concerns About Costs

Top attorneys representing clients in the BP oil spill appeal cases do not charge for their services up front. Instead, they work on a contingency fee, meaning they will be paid from the award that is received after the appeal process is completed.

This makes it very easy for any business to seek legal help and representation. Having an attorney in place early in the appeals process is important, and all it takes is a phone call to have a case evaluation at no cost.

Representing businesses of all sizes in their appeals case, the BP oil spill lawyer in Bulluck Law Group will provide a free consultation to review your appeal.

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