Is Therapy a Solo Initiative or a Family Affair?

Is Therapy a Solo Initiative or a Family Affair?

We hear much spoken these days about the dysfunctional family; but, this does not necessarily mean that every member of it is suffering from some sort of mental disorder. Rather, it is more likely that there has been a breakdown in core values resulting in their no longer functioning as a unit and one or more of them might be behaving in a manner that society at large could consider to be anti-social. In many cases, the roots of such problems can be traced to mental disorders; many of which can be easily treated.

The Role Of Psychoanalysis

Problems within a familial unit are often related to the mental state of one; or, more members of that unit. Psychoanalysis is the application of psychological theory and therapy with the intention of treating mental disorders. This is done by investigating the interaction of conscious and unconscious parts of the mind to seek out repressed conflict and fears which can then be brought out into the open or conscious part of the mind and consequently dealt with or eliminated.

As such, the psychoanalysis would normally be carried out between the therapist and an individual; but, since many of the repressed conflicts of the individual could well be traced back to past interactions with other members of their familial unit; the therapist may well recommend including other members in the sessions.

Maybe There Is No Underlying Mental Disorder?

People do not always get on well with each other even when they are the closest of relatives. Kids not respecting their parents and rejecting parental authority; sibling rivalries that become violent; spouses who have come to detest each other; these are all signs that something is going wrong within the familial unit. However, they could well be signs of personal conflict relating to personalities rather than any deep rooted mental cause.

When that is the case; consultation with a trained counselor could well uncover the roots of such issues and then enable those involved to work together and find a solution to the problem(s). Obviously, the main protagonists will need to be present during the counseling sessions (rather than just one affected individual).

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