Does Your Pet Need Dental Care?


Typically when we think of dental care we think of ourselves, but did you know that your pets need dental care as well? Well guess what, they do! Your pet’s oral care is just as important as yours if not even more so. How do you know if your pet needs dental care or if they need a checkup at all?

How Do You Know if Your Pet Needs Dental Care?

Just like humans, every pet needs to be seen by a vet for dental services. However, some may need it more than others. There are some signs you can look for that might help you realize if your pet needs dental care more often than not. Some of these signs include excessive tartar build up as well as loose teeth or rotting teeth. More or less just keep an overall watch on your pet’s mouth and if you see any issues arising then call your Norridge animal hospital to make an appointment.

What Happens at Routine Checkups?

Thankfully, all routine checkups do not require hospitalization. They are all in and out procedures. More or less a pet dental checkup is the same as a checkup you would go to with your own dentist or doctor. These checkups include cleaning, polishing, and checking overall oral health. However, if your pet does need any oral surgery or extraction, then the animal hospital may provide anesthesia. With any anesthesia all heart function will be monitored for safety.

Caring for Your Pet’s Oral Health at Home

An animal hospital can only do some much to help your pet’s oral health. You also need to be helping your pet at home too. You can do this by making sure you follow any and all directions given by the animal hospital. There are also snacks that can help with tater build up. Consider talking to your veterinarian about your options. Taking care of your pet’s health should be just as important as taking care of your own health. There are several animal hospitals that specialize in the care of pets. Before you find someone to help you care for your pets oral health make sure your pet trusts them. You wouldn’t want someone messing around in your mouth that you don’t like. Therefore, your pet should like the person messing in theirs.

You should contact Portage Park Animal Hospital and Dental Clinic to keep your pets health on track. They are a Norridge animal hospital that can help you with everything you need for your pets. Also follow them on Facebook.com

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