Ears Ringing? Visit an Audiology Doctor in Oklahoma City, OK Today


When a person starts saying “What?” each time they’re spoken to, they should visit a doctor that specializes in solutions for hearing loss in patients of every age. Just because someone is growing older doesn’t mean they’ll lose their hearing ability. Even young children can suffer hearing loss due to an infection in the inner ear that has resulted in damage to the eardrum. Various medications can cause the nasty ringing in the ears, called tinnitus, and can sound like the roaring of an engine, a pounding, ringing, or hissing sound, which is very distressing to anyone. Working for years in a noisy factory can also contribute to hearing loss.

It’s extremely important for individuals to Contact Pro Hearing LLC to have their hearing checked out by a qualified physician. They examine the ears and use sounds in low volumes and specific frequencies to find the extent of a patient’s hearing loss. They’ll ask many questions regarding when the individual noticed difficulty in hearing family members speaking to them plus the medications they’re taking now or have taken in the past.

The audiology doctor in Oklahoma City OK will also want to know the patient’s health history. They’ll ask about their life and if they’ve been exposed to higher decibels of noises, such as loud musical instruments, or if they’ve attended many loud concerts. Getting to the root of the problem is very important since it’s possible that fitting the patient with a hearing aid will enable them to hear properly again.

Patients can be sure that an Audiology Doctor in Oklahoma City OK will find the source of hearing loss and offer a safe solution for it. Some people suffer from an extreme amount of wax build-up in their ears that keeps them from hearing properly. Very often, one ear will hear an annoying sound, but it won’t be heard in the other ear. Once the wax is softened, and it can be safely cleaned out of the ear, the patient may be able to hear properly again.

Physicians will search for the most obvious reason first to maintain good hearing in their patients. If the diagnosis is more involved, they’ll discuss the solution in depth with them.

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