Avoid These 5 Mistakes With the Help of a Construction Injury Attorney


Each year, numerous construction workers suffer on-the-job injuries, resulting in high medical costs. Many injured workers assume that worker’s comp will pay their bills, but they often fail to realize that the claims process is adversarial in nature. Insurers look for the slightest reason to deny a claim, which leaves the injured worker with no compensation. Below are several mistakes to avoid when pursuing a construction injury claim.

Incomplete Paperwork

If a person does not fill and submit all the necessary paperwork, they set themselves up for a claim denial. It is important to fill forms and submit claim documentation, and a Construction Injury Attorney can help a client double-check that papers are complete and submitted properly.

Failure to Report

Many people do not report injuries for fear of employer retribution. However, employers are prohibited from taking such actions, and a worker’s lack of action could ruin their claim. Injuries should be reported within 30 days, and written reports should include a description, location, time and date.

Using Private Health Coverage Rather Than Worker’s Comp

When an injured worker uses their own health insurance instead of the employer’s, they may face high co-payments, deductibles, and uncovered expenses. Worker’s compensation is there to protect the employee, and workers should use it after any on-the-job injury.

Not Pursuing All Available Benefits

In addition to medical bill payments, a person may receive lost wage or disability benefits. While worker’s comp may pay an employee’s medical bills, they still must pay household expenses if they cannot return to work. These benefits aren’t automatically given, and must be pursued through litigation. A lawyer can help an injured worker get the appropriate benefits.

Not Appealing a Denial

If a person’s claim is denied or if they believe a settlement offer is unfair, an attorney can help them during the appeals process. There is a short window where an injured worker can file an appeal, and a lawyer can ensure that it is filed on time. Those needing to file a claim or appeal right away should consider calling a local construction injury attorney such as Edwards & Bullard Law. You can also watch video on YouTube channel for more information.

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