Drug Rehabilitation in Pretoria- The Importance of Holistic Treatment


Drug rehabilitation treatment is a pretty extensive process. People who are addicted to drugs don’t really realize that they are harming not only their body but also their mind. It starts with a few trivial tries. Soon, people start taking drugs thinking that it’s not really an addiction and that they are doing it for fun. Before you know it, the drug addles your brain and starts messing with your nervous system. Within a few months, you become properly addicted to it. Drug addiction cannot only ruin your personal life, but it can also damage your career and academics.

There are many centers that offer drug rehabilitation in Pretoria. Being one of the three capital cities in South Africa, Pretoria has a massive economy. The healthcare and rehabilitation industry in the city is also pretty significant. However, many centers that offer drug rehabilitation in this city have now started moving away from conventional medicinal drugs. Instead, centers such as Harmony Addictions Clinic have begun to create a new trend of offering a holistic approach to substance abuse.

What is the Holistic Approach?
Serving Johannesburg, Cape Town, Pretoria & Centurion, the Harmony Clinic focuses more on improving the quality of life rather than injecting the patient’s body with hard-hitting medicinal drugs. The holistic approach is aimed towards changing the mindset of the patient. They are taken through a proper 12 step detoxification process by professional staff. The detox process is designed to get the body rid of all toxins and to reduce the reliance on harmful substances. These centers have a licensed detox facility that is 24/7 available for use.

Health and Wellness
After detoxification, the patients are allowed to live at the clinic for a while. Obviously, in order to minimize the chances of a relapse, the patients are asked to go through a variety of different treatments. Each patient has their own treatment plan, which varies depending upon the type of addiction and how strong it was.

Primarily, centers that offer holistic drug rehabilitation aim to highlight the fact that there’s a better life in store for the patients. The patients receive extensive therapy from trauma experts in order to deal with any past problems and also receive spiritual health lessons.

Even though conventional drug rehabilitation in the city is still offered through the use of medicinal drugs, holistic centers are becoming more and more popular. Focusing more on improving the mental health of the patient, holistic treatments effectively reduce the chances of relapses to a very small percentage. By the time the patient is released, they have a very positive outlook on life.

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