Is Your Teen Ready for Contacts from an Optical Store in Chicago?

Is Your Teen Ready for Contacts from an Optical Store in Chicago?

Having a teenager begging you for contact lenses can get tiresome. So, when do you give up the battle and allow your teen to get the contact lenses that he or she wants so badly? Below, you will find a list of things to consider before making a decision to prevent or allow your teen to begin wearing contact lenses from an Optical Store in Chicago.


Getting your teen contact lenses will cost more each year. Not only do you have to pay for the contact lenses themselves, but the cost of the exam is greater than a general exam for eyeglasses. This is because the optometrist will have to complete more tests and perform a contact lens fitting to ensure that your teen’s eyes are in good health and to get measurements for the proper lenses. Click here to get more information.


Is your teen responsible enough to take care of contact lenses the way that they need to? If contact lenses are not handled properly, eye infections and injuries can occur. Your teen must wash and rinse his or her hands well before putting the lenses in and before taking them out. Anytime his or her hands go near the eyes, hands must be completely disinfected to prevent infections. Can your teen handle that?


If your teen is active in sports, you should give the option of contact lens wearing great consideration. Contact lenses can be very beneficial for athletes. Since contact lenses sit directly on the eyes, your teen will have an improved level of peripheral vision. Contact lenses are actually safer to wear during sports because glasses can actually cause serious injuries when worn during game play.


Your teen’s peers may not be as kind to teens who wear glasses. For some reason, it is things like glasses and braces that the bullies seem to target. Getting your teen contact lenses may take him or her out of the bully’s line of fire and make social situations more comfortable.

Find an Optical Store in Chicago and discuss getting contact lenses from your teen. You may find your teen benefits from wearing contact lenses from Tropical Optical Corp more than you ever thought he or she would.

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