Considerations When Buying A Backup Generator


If you are fed up with power interruptions, perhaps the time has come to consider Generac generators for sale in Chicago. Whether you need a backup generator for your home or business, it is a major decision and certain important factors must be taken into account. There are many generator choices which makes buying one a complicated process. A few of the important considerations are:

Determine the power requirements:

There are generators of all different capacities and the power output has everything to do with the cost. The key to sizing a generator is based on whether it is intended to provide power to the entire home or just selected circuits. If you plan to have the generator power all circuits, the amperage and peak loading must be considered. If on the other hand, the generator is intended to take over during power outages, only emergency circuits need to be taken into account.

Determine the location:

When deciding on the installation location, take into account the need for routine maintenance. Leave sufficient room around the unit for easy access and set it high enough off the ground that it will not be sitting in water if something were to happen. Many municipalities have specific requirements; always check to ensure you comply with any codes that establish the distance from the building. Generac generators for sale in Chicago are housed in a galvanized steel, rust-resistant, sound deadening enclosure.


Generators require maintenance to ensure they start and function perfectly any time there is a power outage. Unlike an automobile, generators can sit idle for months. If they are neglected there is always the possibility that they may fail when you need it most. When choosing a supplier, make sure they provide professional installation, maintenance, and repair services.

If you are looking for Generac generators for sale in Chicago, you are invited to contact Penco Generators, Inc. Penco offers installation, maintenance and repair services.

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