3D Milling: Precise and Rapid Cuts

3D Milling: Precise and Rapid Cuts

3D milling is not the new technology on the block. It has been making the rounds since 2008/2009. However, it is becoming more common in machine shops and elsewhere. The reason for this surge is its ability produce precise components rapidly.

Cutting by Any Other Name

The process has several different names. Some refer specifically to its application. Among the more common ones are:

  • Automatic feed rate override
  • Geometric intelligence
  • Automated machine guidance (AMG)

Yet, no matter what name machinists refer to it by, it remains a process with the focus on one particular job. This is the production of a 3D prototype from a specific design.

Why Use 3D Milling?

This type of milling is gaining favor among professionals for a variety of reasons. In general, machinists utilize it to improve the production capabilities of their shop. Specifically, this extractive method:

Performance levels: The machines provide a non-stop performance with only scheduled stoppages for repairs or maintenance
Speed: Rapid production is typical
Tolerances: This is capable of producing very tight tolerances – 0.001″ to 0.003″ are possible
Quality: The cutting actions produce clean, clear, precise components
Materials: Milling can cut almost any material including metal and plastics
Supervision: The machinery requires little supervision
Cost-effective: This machinery can help reduce overhead operational expenses through waste reduction and decreasing labor costs.

Whether your shop is small, medium or large, it can rely on this machinery to improve production levels and quality.

3D Milling

Today’s modern machine shops offer more than basic services. They are capable of using the latest technology to expand their customer base. Computer technology allows them to work with 3D milling machinery. This enables their operators to quickly, and efficiently, produce prototypes. In a highly competitive market, subtractive rapid prototyping gives those machine shops who adopt and adapt this technology an edge.

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