Call Today to Schedule Control System Installation or Lighting Repair in St. Louis MO

Call Today to Schedule Control System Installation or Lighting Repair in St. Louis MO

Energy savings are a primary consideration for many homeowners, and with lighting control systems, they have a great opportunity to save. While they were once luxury items, these systems are now affordable for most homeowners. With a single system, users can program fixtures to turn off and on at certain times. Below are several things homeowners can accomplish with a system installed by a company that does Lighting Repair in St Louis MO.

Easy Use

With a lighting control system, users can easily turn lights on and off. Of course, it can be done manually, or the owner can program the system to turn lights off or on at predetermined times during the day. These systems give homeowners one less thing to worry about on busy days.

Increased Security

Lighting control systems give homeowners an additional sense of security when outdoor or pathway floodlights are added. Here, these lights can be turned on right before leaving the home or returning to it.

Saving Money and Energy

A lighting control system can help homeowners save in various ways. Most people have left a light on before leaving for vacation, just to make others think there’s someone home. With the installation of a control system, owners can accomplish the same goal while substantially reducing energy costs.

Additional Convenience

These systems’ control panels typically have all-on and all-off buttons. When the off button is pushed, there is no need for a user to check to see whether all the lights are off.

Changing Things Up

A lighting control system gives homeowners the flexibility to create the right amount and type of lighting, one area at a time. Make the master bedroom romantic, or make the kitchen cheerful and bright. Furthermore, these systems can be integrated with other technology such as HVAC and security systems. Everything can be controlled, at home or away, from a tablet, smartphone, or other internet-connected devices.

Call Today to Find Out More About Lighting Control Systems

At Bates Electric Inc, the team can customize a lighting system that fits any homeowner’s budget and needs. For additional information or to schedule Lighting Repair in St Louis MO, call today.

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