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DiamonDyze™ for Excellent Industrial Anodizing

There are only a small number of DiamonDyze™ license applicators in the U.S. The nano-ceramic technology referred to as DiamonDyze™ is incorporated into anodizing processes that produce a high quality surface finish. This product increases the corrosion and wear resistance of the anodized surface above that which many standard anodizing applications can produce. DiamonDyze™ represents an innovation in advanced colored and nano-ceramic anodizing. It’s important to have a provider that has the licensing rights to apply this treatment. The product can be used to benefit components with certain advantageous characteristics. What Are the Benefits? There are two specific characteristics that DiamonDyze™ can apply to a substrate surface. Personnel who are applying this formulation are able to infuse particular protective qualities and add color without any additional steps required. As such, the entire process of application can go much more efficiently and faster. The use of this process is beneficial to the metal finishing company and the customer. The process offers many benefits, including: • Produces good thermal resistance • Delivers more corrosion resistance • Creates a smoother surface with a smaller number of pores • Any standard color is available – this includes shades from blending existing colors • Offers good chemical resistance • Uses less toxic material and less energy • Increases the ability to indoor wear and tear DiamonDyze™ and Aluminum Parts Aluminum is the most popular metal that benefits from this process. For aluminum components (such as 6061 and 2024) that you need to anodize, DiamonDyze™ can be applied. These components can include: • Pistons • Cylinder sleeves • Shock absorbers • Cylinder heads • Turbo intake housings • Rocker arms • Intake manifolds Various industries can benefit from the application of this product, including marine, automotive, and hardware. DiamonDyze™ – Superior Anodizing The benefits of using DiamonDyze™ as opposed to standard anodizing has been shown from research. This is single step dying and anodizing process that can produce a superior component. This product can be utilized for Type II and Type III anodizing to produce excellent color and corrosion resistant results. Be sure to contact a reliable and experienced metal coatings services company to ensure you receive the high quality coating results you need for your...

Fiber Laser – Producing Laser Cut Copper

Copper, a non-reflective “yellow metal,” is common for various applications. While standard usage includes jewelry and creative/decorative work, increasingly, it is becoming popular in not only electronics but also medical instrumentation. Antimicrobial copper is the reason. However, to achieve fine, minute components, fabricators have to cut copper into the right size, shape, and dimensions. Laser cut copper would appear to supply the solution; however, using lasers does create concerns. Cutting Copper: Problems and Solutions Copper is a non-ferrous metal possessing high thermal and electrical conductivity properties. It also bears the classification of “reflective.” This latter quality does affect the ability of lasers to cut this metal. While both CO2 and fiber lasers are common tools for cutting most non-ferrous metals, this is not the case with copper. The metal reflects the CO2 laser beam too powerfully. This does not negate the possibility. Instead, it clearly indicates the need to utilize another type of laser. This is the fiber laser. Only by turning to this method can they ensure high-quality laser cut copper. Fiber laser technology is present in various models of laser equipment available on the market. These machines can cut and profile copper. They impress with their ability to cut: * Easily * Quickly * Cheaply – particularly if cutting large quantities * More energy efficient than some methods, e.g., waterjet They can do so with thicknesses ranging up to 5mm. Waterjet cutting is only truly effective and efficient when copper is greater than 10mm thick. Such distinctions reveal the need for understanding what cutting method to use and when. Laser Cut Copper Copper is attractive to various aesthetic and functional product manufacturers. Increasingly medical industries are utilizing the properties of antimicrobial copper to produce finely honed items. Lasers can achieve the desired results effectively, efficiently and cost-effectively. However, reaching this goal requires knowledge of the best way to produce laser cut copper. To date, the optimum technology is not the CO2 but the fiber...

Anti Weld Spatter – Essential for Keeping Surrounding Surfaces Clean

One part of the welding process that simply cannot be avoided easily, at least without the right solution applied, is spatter. If spatter is left unaddressed, it can form residue on everything in the surrounding area including the welding equipment itself. This is why it is important to utilize anti weld spatter products. When these products are applied correctly, they can prevent weld spatter from attaching itself to unwanted locations. As well, these products can help with the quick removal of such spatter. Quality Anti Weld Spatter Provider A high quality coatings specialist will be able to offer a range of coatings to mitigate weld spatter on various surfaces. These options can enable the easy and cost effective cleanup of spatter and enhance your welding operations. An experienced provider of welding products should be able to offer you with various options in order to handle the problem of weld spatter effectively. The Coating If you’re looking to extend the life of your welding consumables, such as tips, nozzles, and diffusers, a product referred to as PerfectArcs™ can be applied with one coat as a PTFE-free, water-based coating. This coating is able to extend the service life of your consumables by as much as 2000 percent with proper care. Another anti weld spatter product, FlouroClad SDFC™ is a double coat water based dispersion is comprised of a primer and PTFE top coat. To enhance durability it is reinforced with titanium. It effectively inhibits the buildup of weld spatter and slag around welding activity. Simply a leather glove, soft cloth or compressed air may be used to remove the splatter. The coating can function effectively at a continuous operating temperature of 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Maintaining a clean and efficient environment for welding is important for individuals and businesses that provide these services. You can certainly help achieve this by taking advantage of the various products provided to mitigate spatter as a result of welding activities. If you’re interested in improving your welding operations, it’s beneficial to contact reliable industrial coatings provider that has the necessary resources and experience to help you achieve an optimum environment for your welding processes and...

Aluminum Sheet Metal Fabrication: Properties And Basic Processes

Aluminum Sheet Metal Fabrication: Properties And Basic Processes Aluminum sheet metal fabrication is a popular way for many manufacturing concerns to obtain easily a cost-effective component or product. Together with stainless steel, they comprise a more than fair share of market demand. Aluminum is a particular favorite for its qualities. It possesses properties that make it ideal for a variety of parts and products. Aluminum Aluminum enjoys the attention of fabricators and manufacturers alike because it has certain desirable qualities. Aluminum has:   Great formability * Durability * Excellent strength to weight ratio * High corrosion resistance * Low density * Superior electrical and heat conductivity It is also non-magnetic, readily available in different grades and inexpensive. These qualities make it attractive to those who work with metal. To achieve the specifications of the customer, aluminum sheet metal fabrication shops can utilize any of several different methods and techniques. Aluminum Fabrication When working with metals, fabricators need to understand the different characteristics of the metals as well as what processes are effective. Fortunately, the nature of aluminum provides fabrication shops with a many options and possibilities. The only difficulty can be in cutting. Aluminum is a reflective metal making it challenging if laser cutting is required. Fabricators need to take care. They can also decreases potential problems by choosing a grade of aluminum more accepting of laser processes. In general, fabricators can employ any of the following processes to obtain ideal results: * Bending * Deburring * Drilling Forming * Machining * Milling * Punching * Sawing * Turning (Threading) * Welding Except for welding, CNC machine centers are the technology behind production capabilities to deliver the products quickly, easily, efficiently and effectively within the time boundaries. Aluminum Sheet Metal Fabrication Aluminum is a popular metal. It is readily available and cost effective. Its properties make it ideal for any number of industrial and commercial applications. Except for laser welding, aluminum sheet metal fabrication offers little serious challenge to its fabricators. This makes it a perfect metal for both fabricator and manufacturer...

Window well covers ideas that will transform the beauty of windows

As a Parker, CO homeowner, there’s a chance you’re using, or have at least seen, window well covers without knowing them by name. However, these fixtures can prove highly important to the well being of your home and family. Best of all, you can attach window well covers to your home that not only improve the safety of your home, but also its overall aesthetic. Few people would deny wanting a home that is as gorgeous as it is safe and comfortable. Here are a few ideas for window well covers that provide the full package! Semi-Reflective Panes One of the best things about any form of glassware is its sheer amount of customization options. As a result, you don’t have to stick to plain glass when you install window well covers on your home. For a similar price, you can choose semi-reflective glass, which will mirror the image of your yard and the surrounding landscape. This option should prove especially appealing to homeowners who put a lot of effort and care into their yards, creating a subtle but gorgeous extra touch to the curb appeal of your home. Dome Covers When it comes to commissioning window well covers for your Parker, CO home, you can customize not only the type of glass, but the way it is shaped as well. Dome-shaped window well covers are something of an unconventional choice, but could provide several benefits in the realms of aesthetics and multipurpose use. These watertight fixtures can keep your home safe from rain and serve as a cozy perch for your household pet. Steel Grates You don’t even have to use glass for window well covers! You can just as easily request window well covers made from steel and fashioned into grates you can manually open and shut. This option may prove perfect for Parker, CO homeowners who don’t quite like the idea of glass covers and would prefer an alternative material. To learn more about how you can use window well covers to complement the design of your home, call Cassteen Ironworks Metal Art Gallery at (303) 841-7317 or visit their website. They are available for all homeowners in the Parker, CO...

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