Fiber Laser – Producing Laser Cut Copper


Copper, a non-reflective “yellow metal,” is common for various applications. While standard usage includes jewelry and creative/decorative work, increasingly, it is becoming popular in not only electronics but also medical instrumentation. Antimicrobial copper is the reason. However, to achieve fine, minute components, fabricators have to cut copper into the right size, shape, and dimensions. Laser cut copper would appear to supply the solution; however, using lasers does create concerns.

Cutting Copper: Problems and Solutions

Copper is a non-ferrous metal possessing high thermal and electrical conductivity properties. It also bears the classification of “reflective.” This latter quality does affect the ability of lasers to cut this metal. While both CO2 and fiber lasers are common tools for cutting most non-ferrous metals, this is not the case with copper. The metal reflects the CO2 laser beam too powerfully. This does not negate the possibility. Instead, it clearly indicates the need to utilize another type of laser. This is the fiber laser. Only by turning to this method can they ensure high-quality laser cut copper.

Fiber laser technology is present in various models of laser equipment available on the market. These machines can cut and profile copper. They impress with their ability to cut:

* Easily
* Quickly
* Cheaply – particularly if cutting large quantities
* More energy efficient than some methods, e.g., waterjet

They can do so with thicknesses ranging up to 5mm. Waterjet cutting is only truly effective and efficient when copper is greater than 10mm thick. Such distinctions reveal the need for understanding what cutting method to use and when.

Laser Cut Copper

Copper is attractive to various aesthetic and functional product manufacturers. Increasingly medical industries are utilizing the properties of antimicrobial copper to produce finely honed items. Lasers can achieve the desired results effectively, efficiently and cost-effectively. However, reaching this goal requires knowledge of the best way to produce laser cut copper. To date, the optimum technology is not the CO2 but the fiber laser.

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