Aluminum Sheet Metal Fabrication: Properties And Basic Processes

Aluminum Sheet Metal Fabrication: Properties And Basic Processes

Aluminum sheet metal fabrication is a popular way for many manufacturing concerns to obtain easily a cost-effective component or product. Together with stainless steel, they comprise a more than fair share of market demand. Aluminum is a particular favorite for its qualities. It possesses properties that make it ideal for a variety of parts and products.


Aluminum enjoys the attention of fabricators and manufacturers alike because it has certain desirable qualities. Aluminum has:

  Great formability

* Durability

* Excellent strength to weight ratio

* High corrosion resistance

* Low density

* Superior electrical and heat conductivity

It is also non-magnetic, readily available in different grades and inexpensive. These qualities make it attractive to those who work with metal. To achieve the specifications of the customer, aluminum sheet metal fabrication shops can utilize any of several different methods and techniques.

Aluminum Fabrication

When working with metals, fabricators need to understand the different characteristics of the metals as well as what processes are effective. Fortunately, the nature of aluminum provides fabrication shops with a many options and possibilities. The only difficulty can be in cutting. Aluminum is a reflective metal making it challenging if laser cutting is required. Fabricators need to take care. They can also decreases potential problems by choosing a grade of aluminum more accepting of laser processes.

In general, fabricators can employ any of the following processes to obtain ideal results:

* Bending

* Deburring

* Drilling Forming

* Machining

* Milling

* Punching

* Sawing

* Turning (Threading)

* Welding

Except for welding, CNC machine centers are the technology behind production capabilities to deliver the products quickly, easily, efficiently and effectively within the time boundaries.

Aluminum Sheet Metal Fabrication

Aluminum is a popular metal. It is readily available and cost effective. Its properties make it ideal for any number of industrial and commercial applications. Except for laser welding, aluminum sheet metal fabrication offers little serious challenge to its fabricators. This makes it a perfect metal for both fabricator and manufacturer alike.

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