Industry Leading Saint Gobain Hoses

by | Nov 16, 2018 | Industrial Goods and Services

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For companies involved in sanitary processes in the food and beverage industry, there is always a range of different products to consider when developing a new production line or when replacing parts and components on an existing line or system. Choosing to use the industry-leading products offers longer life cycles, increased reliability and parts that are specifically designed for the challenges of real-world applications.

A good example of industry-leading technology and design can be found in the line of Saint Gobain hoses. These hoses are used in distilleries, breweries as well as food and beverage production facilities. With decades of expertise in supplying hoses for these types of processes, Saint Gobain has a proven reputation for dependability, even with demanding process parameters.

The Advantages

There are lower quality options that are less costly, but they do not offer the advantages and benefits of Saint Gobain hoses. As an investment in your business, these hoses offer flexibility and versatility over other types of hoses and pipe options. They can easily be configured to go around features, to turn or even to curl around for easy access.

With this level of flexibility, there is a lower requirement for specialized fittings and adaptors, a common problem with piping and other types of inflexible hoses. With fewer adaptors and connections there is less risk of problems developing in the system, including issues with cleaning.

Each of the options in Saint Gobain hoses is designed for specific benefits and uses. This includes specialized hoses designed for Clean In Place systems or even specialized applications where hoses and components need to be sterilized or autoclaved. Many other brands and lines of hoses cannot be used in autoclaves as the heat makes the hose brittle or creates a risk of hose cracking or failure.

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