Evaluating A PVF Industrial Supply Company


There are a lot of companies marketing their business as a PVF industrial supply service. With the increase in the construction industry for both residential and industrial projects, these companies have sprung up to take advantage of the increased demand for materials.

While some of the new PVF industrial supply companies are offering discounted rates and lots of additional perks to entice contractors and construction companies, there are some important factors other than price which should be carefully considered. Taking the time to ensure you are working with a dependable, reliable and experienced pipe, valve and fittings supplier will be crucial to getting the order on time.

Years in the Industry are Critical

The established PVF industrial supply companies have decades in providing quality products for their customers. They also tend to have a wider network of manufacturers, ensuring they can get the pipe, valves, and fittings needed for your order quickly. They can also use their network to track down hard to find items or to have manufacturers customize an order for a customer.

On-Hand Supply

Filling orders quickly start with having a substantial on-hand inventory. This includes filling regular JIT and scheduled orders for existing customers, while also being able to work with new customers.

The top companies have warehouse facilities and an exceptional inventory on hand to be able to fill orders quickly and without the need for orders from the manufacturer.

Order Turnaround and Delivery Times

An established PVF distributor will be able to provide accurate information to customers on delivery times for small to large orders. For custom or special orders from the manufacturers, they will also keep the customer informed and monitor the order to make sure it arrives on time.

As part of their customer service, the best PVF companies hire experts in the industry to be able to provide information, suggestions, and options for customers. They also have a good understanding of the customer’s projects and industry requirements, helping to avoid common ordering errors that can cost time and money.

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