Boosting Storage Capacity With Walker Stainless Steel Tanks

Boosting Storage Capacity With Walker Stainless Steel Tanks

From small production areas to large plants and facilities, when it comes to sanitary processes for the food and beverage industry, Walker stainless steel tanks are often seen as the gold standard.

Walker Engineered Products is a highly recognized company offering a wide range of stainless steel equipment for the food, dairy, chemical, pharmaceutical, and beverage production industries. They make processor tanks, mixer tanks, silos, and storage vessels in a range of configurations to meet the needs of their customers.


With the choice of Walker stainless steel tanks, durability and quality of production and processing will never be a concern. These tanks, from the smaller tanks and vessels for limited production facilities to the large 80,000 gallon storage vessels are all manufactured with quality in mind.

The quality in manufacturing and fabrication combined with the durability, corrosion resistance and strength of stainless steel makes these tanks ideal for any application and industry. The company manufacturers all equipment to ASME as well as CRN standards as well as within PED (Pressure Equipment Directive) which is required for use through the European Commission. All of the tanks sold by the company for sanitary process use are also built to the required 3-A standards.

Options to Consider

Producers in the dairy, food, and drug, as well as pharmaceutical industries, will find a range of different types of vessels. These options will include the location of the outlets, the configuration of the bottom of the tank as well as specialized agitation systems.

These agitation systems, which are custom designed for the specific requirements can include offset turbines, squirrel cages, bottom and/or side sweeps, scraper blades and various combinations.

With all of the options in sizes, designs and agitation systems, Walker stainless steel tanks provide the storage needs required for any business. They are also an investment in quality equipment which will last for decades.

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