Bricks for Lead Vault Construction

Bricks for Lead Vault Construction

If you need maximum protection from radiation contamination, nothing is safer than a lead vault or cave. A lead-lined structure offers many good things and here are some of the important features and advantages you can enjoy.

Reasons for Creating Lead-Lined Structures

A lead-lined structure can protect everything inside from radiation. They can also be used in nuclear power applications where materials must be kept from contaminating the environment. When you use bricks made from lead, you can create almost any kind of structure or shelter that you want, and this includes round, square, and rectangular shapes.

Lead-lined containers can be created for transporting radioactive materials. This is an important consideration because if anything happened to the materials during transport, you could have a major environmental crisis. A lead vault is made from some of the densest and toughest materials available. At the same time, the metal is soft enough to give during an accident, so the container is less likely to break if it receives trauma.


It’s possible to protect some rooms and areas with specially made lead-lined plywood or wallboard products. They are very useful for many applications. However, some radioactive applications call for maximum protection that only lead bricks can provide.


You use bricks for creating the perfect custom lead vault because trusted manufacturers create so many different sizes and thicknesses. For example, most bricks are flat, but they also make the corner and edge bricks to provide the best shielding. Common sizes include 1 X 4 X 6, 2 X 4 X 8, 2 X 4 X 12, and many others. You can also order custom-made bricks in just about any size you need.

If you want to reduce radiation exposure and offer the most protection to your employees and customers, lead bricks may be the best option to choose.

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