The Package Handling Precision Pulley

The Package Handling Precision Pulley

Precision Pulley and Idler (PPI) have been in operation since 1977. The company focuses on producing reliable components for conveyor systems. Distributors throughout the United States recognize the quality and reliability of PPI’s products. In Texas, while many petrochemical and mining companies rely on pulleys for the bulk handling of materials, other companies require the more selective capabilities of a package handling unit system.

What Are Package Handling Pulleys?

PPI designs two basic types of pulleys. They specifically address certain tasks. On conveyor belts, standard pulleys handle bulk material. The second type of pulley – the package handler, works with belt conveyors handling individual units or packages. Units, in this sense, include but are not restricted to

* Bags

* Bottles

* Boxes

* Parts

* Trays

Styles of Package Handling Pulleys

PPI manufactures two basic types of package handling unit pulleys. These are:

1. XPU: This type of pulley is for the handling of unit conveyor applications ranging from light to moderate. Applications for the XPU Precision pulley

unit package handling machinery are food processing and weighing systems.

2. XPT: This type of pulley finds favor in those Texas companies where the pulley line involves higher belt pressures. Applications are those requiring higher horsepower and higher belt tensions. To accommodate such demands, PPI constructs the XPT utilizing heavier rim and end discs.

The choice between the two types ensures companies find the best possible match between Precision package handling pulleys and the application.

Precision Pulley

Precious Pulley and Idler (PPI) is a major American supplier of solid, reliable conveyor components. They produce a variety of conveyor pulleys, idlers and take up frames. The dedicated staff works in partnership with their customers to ensure they receive the best service, expertise, and products possible. In fact, many companies in Texas and the surrounding region consider PPI synonymous with high performance and pioneering conveyor products and related solutions.

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