Choosing The Right Pillow Block Bearings

Choosing The Right Pillow Block Bearings

Small and apparently significant are words that describe the oh-so-humble and often overlooked pillow block bearings. Yet, these devices play a very significant role in countless mechanical applications every day. Without them, many pieces of machinery could not function efficiently and effectively. However, as Texas companies have long since realized, a pillow block bearing can fail in performing its tasks if the wrong one is installed.

The Purpose of a Bearing

A bearing has a singular purpose. It acts to reduce the amount of friction between the various connected and/or interacting components. This decreases the wear-and-tear on the machinery. As a result, it extends the capability of the equipment as well as the length of operational time. However, bearings are not interchangeable. This is true of any type including pillow block bearings. This makes it important to match the bearing type to the demand and the equipment.

Factors in Choosing the Right Pillow Block Bearing

If you operate a firm in Texas, the selection of a pillow block bearing results from an understanding of the factors involved. Engineers and other informed personnel consider the following factors to be of primary importance when choosing the right match:
Shaft diameter

* Shaft height

* Shaft size

* Maximum load capacity

* Maximum speed

They must also look at the material comprising the shaft and bearings. Understanding their properties will help determine the overall durability of the bearings. Also of importance is maintenance. How much lubrication will the pillow block bearing require? Various models address this issue. Some types have very low maintenance and almost zero lubrication requirements.

Pillow Block Bearings

Bearings are a significant factor in guaranteeing equipment works appropriately. When the right pillow block bearings are in place, the operation will flow more smoothly, effectively and efficiently. To achieve this goal, companies in Texas carefully research the diverse types and match them to their requirements. Only then do they go ahead with the purchase.

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