Knowing How to Use a Lever Chain Hoist


A variety of industries utilize hoisting and lifting equipment. There are a number of different types of hoists applicable for various situations. Chain hoists are one of the most common types used. These hoists are available in several different varieties including: hand chain, differential, and lever ratchet or lever.

It is important to know how to use a lever chain hoist and how this chain hoist system works.

The lever chain hoist is an option you will find from an experienced company that sells lifting and rigging equipment and hardware. These chain hoists can provide highly efficient rigging when used properly.

The Lever Chain Hoist

As you learn how to use a lever chain hoist, it’s important to understand that these devices are highly effective at moving and lifting items that are unsafe and awkward for a single individual to lift. Chain hoists are often designed to be corrosion and moisture resistant. Their design is relatively compact which also means they require minimal space and headroom. They are either pneumatically or manually operated and utilize chains along with a drum and gears to perform lifting tasks. These chain hoists can pick up a load through a hook at the bottom end of the chain or by means of a sling. These devices can be used at a wide variety of angles as well.

Using a Lever Chain Hoist

So now we move to the process of how to use a lever chain hoist. The process is quite simple. After attaching the upper hook to the mounting point, the operator must be sure that the safety latch is completely closed. Then the operator must:

1. Move the selector lever to the neutral position

2. Pull down the chain manually allowing sufficient slack to the lower or load hook

3. Attach the hook to the load

4. Correctly position the ratchet handle prior to adjusting the left side selector lever up to lift the load or the right side lever to lower the load

Only the basics are described here. For additional information about lever chain hoists, contact a dependable and experienced provider of wire rope, sling, and lifting products.

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