Additional Services Provided by a Paving Contractor Houston TX Has Available for Projects


An asphalt Paving Contractor Houston TX provides various services to keep a parking lot looking great. With the hot Texas sun beating down on the blacktop and cars continually driving on the surface, the color gradually fades from rich black to gray due to oxidation. Yellow stripes painted on the pavement fade away as well. Adding seal coat to the surface at least once a year keeps the color dark, although at some point the lot will need to be resurfaced. The combination of sealing the material and repainting the yellow lines makes the lot look almost like new again. This is the owner’s chance to change some of the paint features, such as adding directional arrows and an area for compact cars and motorcycles.

For a Paving Contractor Houston TX business owners like to choose someone who offers asphalt and concrete cleaning services as well. A company such as Teague’s Asphalt does pressure washing of concrete surfaces and will even wash buildings on the property to spruce everything up. With the right chemicals and some spot cleaning, the crew often can remove or substantially reduce the appearance of vehicle fluid stains on concrete or asphalt pavement. It’s common for older cars and trucks to have minor leaks of oil, coolant and power steering fluid that stain pavement. Contractors generally don’t pressure-wash asphalt as it is more susceptible to damage from jetting water than concrete is.

When asphalt parking lot resurfacing becomes necessary, the crew adds a new layer over the existing pavement. The new layer usually is around 2 inches thick. Now the parking lot really does look like new, especially after the painting is done. Eventually, reconstruction of the lot may become necessary if it receives a lot of traffic, but that should be good many years after the original lot is built.

It’s important for business owners to understand that the appearance of the buildings along with the parking area, private roads, and landscaping all affect customer impressions of the organization. A faded deteriorated parking lot with cracks, holes and barely visible painted lines can make it look like the owner doesn’t care about the property or doesn’t have enough money to do anything about it.

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