Talk to an Asphalt Company in Toledo, OH about Your Paving Needs

Talk to an Asphalt Company in Toledo, OH about Your Paving Needs

Also known as a blacktop, asphalt is a pavement that increases the curb appeal of a business or home. That is why both homeowners and businesses use this paving material. Plus, almost 95% of roads in the US are paved with asphalt. Therefore, this type of pavement enjoys a good reputation in the paving industry.

A Smooth and Safe Surface

If you are thinking about calling an asphalt company in Toledo, OH to repave a parking lot or driveway, you will find that making the decision to use asphalt is a good move. Not only is asphalt safe, it also is cost-effective. Asphalt provides a smooth driving surface-one that is safer for tires and offers a pleasant driving surface. What’s more, when open-graded asphalt is used on roads, it minimizes sprays and splashing when it rains. Therefore, fatalities are also reduced on asphalt roadways.

A Quicker Installation

According to asphalt company executives, when a pavement is made of asphalt, the consumer saves money. That is because the smooth blacktop surface reduces the wear and tear caused by bumps and also extends the lifespan of a road, parking lot, or driveway. Moreover, an asphalt pavement can be installed more quickly than other types of pavement can be.

Environmentally Friendly

Asphalt company officials add that asphalt is also an environmentally friendly material, In fact, asphalt is the most recycled material in the U.S. According to reports, the asphalt industry repurposes almost 100 million tons of asphalt yearly, which saves taxpayers about $1 billion per year. Waste, such as used roofing shingles or tires, can also be added to new asphalt pavement mixes.

A Better Mix

You can also install asphalt mixes at lower temperatures, which saves on the energy used to heat the asphalt. Naturally, it depends on the purpose for which the asphalt will be used. Normally, warm mixed asphalt can be constructed at reduced temperatures for roadway use.

Learn More Today about Asphalt Paving

Regardless of your reason for paving with asphalt, you can find further details when you visit our website. Take time today to learn more about this paving material.

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